Fatima Issues

Fatima with multitude

catholic The Last Pope? - V
Or will the 7th Apparition of Our Lady at Fatima usher in the Reign of Mary?

catholic The Wine of Wrath Will Pour - IV
The role of Elias in the Latter Times, not End Times

catholic When Will Rome Be Destroyed? - III
The bound Serpent has been loosed

catholic Saving Souls, a Goal Dismissed by the Conciliar Church
Making light of sins of the flesh and death

catholic The Value of St. Malachi’s Prophecy - II
The value of St. Malachi’s Prophecy

catholic The Apocalypse, Conciliar Church & Third Secret - I
Looking at the Apocalypse, Conciliar Church & Third Secret

catholic Penance in Fatima & Other Apparitions
Progressivism deletes and disregards penance & punishment

catholic Leaving Out Sin & the Rosary
Errors & omissions in an article by Bishop Barron on Fatima

catholic God’s Anger Is upon Us
Bombshells explode in a Church that ignores Our Lady's message

catholic Diverting the Message of Fatima
Progressivists ignore the Rosary, the Immaculate Heart devotion, penance

Was the Third Secret Revealed?

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Was the Third Secret Revealed? - Part 1
        Confirming the deciphered Third Secret published on the TIA website

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   A ‘Bishop Dressed in White’- Part 2
        Strong evidence that the Vatican-released ‘Secret’ was bogus

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Like the Mission of Elias the Prophet - Part 3
        Our Lady of Fatima warns of dire consequences to ignoring her message

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Fatima & Similar Warnings - Part 4
        A series of Popes disregard warnings of an apostasy inside the Church

catholic A Talk Full of Blasphemies & Errors
The last remedies Our Lady gave for the faithful in these times

catholic The Doves of Bombarral
The marvelous episode of three faithful sentinels of Our Lady of Fatima

catholicAn Ecumenical Consecration of Russia with ‘Orthodox’ Bishops? - Part 1
Rewriting Fatima to fit into Vatican Ostpolitik

catholic Vatican Promotes a Schismatic-Catholic Consecration - Part 2
A new role assigned to communist Russia

catholic A Long History of Compromise & Conciliation - Part 1
An unbroken roster of Popes who failed to follow Our Lady's command

catholic Sad Consequences of the Papal Refusal to Obey Our Lady - Part 2
Russia spreads its errors & the Vatican is silent

catholicThe Consecration of Russia… at the Expense of Souls?
Conservative traditionalists defend Card. Burke

Card. Burke’s Address on Fatima

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Annual Consecrations to Replace the True Consecration? - Part 1
        Card. Burke’s address on Fatima praises JPII and his consecration

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Fatima Intertwined with New Evangelization - Part 2
        Card. Burke's novel notion on a consecration to the Sacred Heart

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Promoting Pious Practices to Outshine Fatima Devotions - Part 3
        Card. Burke echoes the erros of Two Hearts Alliance & the WAF

catholicFrancis Chastises Those Who Speak of God's Chastisement
The Pope in Fatima on May 13, 2017

‘Third Secret’ of Fatima Released in April 2010

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   The Text
        From Portugal, the supposed manuscript of Sister Lucy

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   More Data Shed Light on the ‘Third Secret’
        The cornerstone of St. Peter's grave was sent to Fatima

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Three Different Third Secrets
        Readers offer other possible documents

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   ‘Third Secret’: Opinions & Questions
        Discussion about the probable source of this document

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Objections & Answers on the ‘Third Secret’
        ‘Evil eyes’ can symbolize a heterodox notion of the papacy

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   What Does the ‘Ugly Church’ Mean?
        It could well represent the Conciliar Reform

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   A Pope with Devilish Eyes
        Is Benedict XVI the Pope described in the message?

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   The Churches of Hell
        Pictures of some churches that correspond to the revelation

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Advocating the Authenticity of the ‘Third Secret’
        Five reasons that speak in favor of the released text

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   It is Fake! It Is Authentic!
        Objections answered; support received

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Eight Objections to the ‘Third Secret’
        The editor responds to ‘juridical’ doubts of a reader

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Forensics vs. Photoshop
        Concerns and hopes regarding the supposed Third Secret

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Fr. Malachi Martin on the Third Secret - I
        Harmony between a description of Fr. Martin and the released document

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Fr. Malachi on the Third Secret - II
        Comparing the words of M.M. with those of the April ‘Secret’

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   The Alleged Third Secret
        A reader from Portugal: It is basically authentic, but with falsified parts

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Discussion Continues on the ‘Third Secret’
        Miscellaneous commentaries by readers

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   The Secret Best Kept of Fatima
        Spanish writer bases a book on TIA's Third Secret

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Our ‘Third Secret’ Was Written by Sr. Lucy, Handwriting Expert Affirms
        Strong new evidence re-opens the questioi

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Handwriting Expert Speaks on the Third Secret
        The text is definitively the handwriting of Sister Lucy

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Trying to Decipher a Scrambled Message
        A text of the Third Secret that removes the inconsistencies

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Finally, the Truth!
        A text in Sister Lucy's handwriting that no one wants to consider...

catholicTrip to Fatima? It’s All about Francis
Ignoring the Fatima message, he uses Mary to promote himself

catholicDiabolical Disorientation & the Bogus Lucy - Disregarding Mary - Part 1
An initiative to divert attention from the nucleus of the Fatima message

catholicProgressivist Strategy to Bury Fatima - Disregarding Mary - Part 2
A false 3rd secret deceitfully interpreted by Card. Ratzinger

catholicWho Is For or Against Our Lady of Fatima?
Fatima is the criterion to understand the Church today

Two Sister Lucys Controversy

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Two Sister Lucys of Fatima?
        An invitation to the reader to compare two sets of photographs

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   It Is a Mislabeled Photo: You Are Conspiracy Maniacs
        An insider from Inside of the Vatican attacks - The editor responds

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Photos and Facts - The Two Sister Lucys Controversy
        Six sets of comparison photos raise many interesting questions

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Wildfire Spreading over Lucy's Photos
        Pro and con opinions of readers heat up the discussion

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   The Controversy Grows...
        More photos and documents confirm the suspicion

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Should We Ask Forensic Experts?
        The editor suggests how to continue the investigation

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   The Anathemas of John Grasmeier
        Two journalists try to ridicule the comparison of photos - TIA response

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Compliments for the Refutation to Grasmeier
        Readers consider his attack uncharitable & histrionic

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Readers against Grasmeier
        A doctor and a journalist attack the editor of Angel Queen

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   More Questions
        An eyewitness who met Lucy and a portrait painter give their opinions

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Readers Concur: There Are Two Lucys
        More people believe there are two Lucys

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Sister Lucy at the Word Processor
        Sister Lucy II seems unsuited for her mission

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Forebodings about the Death of Sister Lucy
        The last seer of Fatima dies, her mission incomplete. What does it mean?

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Photographic Studies Confirm Two Sister Lucys
        Progression and regression of pictures bring more evidence

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Mysteries around the Two Sister Lucys
        A second Sister Lucy to hide the Fatima secret

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Two Lucys Do Not Have Same Eye-Tooth Ratio
        New method to identify persons shows two different Lucys

catholic Answering an Open Letter from Spain on the Death of Sister Lucy
Guimarães states why he doubts she died in 1949

catholicFrancis' Use of Our Lady of Fatima
No mention of a consecration or the prophecies at the Rome 'event'

catholicThe Consecration of Russia
The dire consequences of disregarding Our Lady's command

catholicComparing Photos of Sisters – Young and Old
Practical analyses confirm two Sister Lucys of Fatima

catholicCelestial Secrets: The Hidden History of the Fatima Incident
Our Lady of Fatima falsely discredited

catholicFatima Shock! - Another Anti-Fatima, Anti-Catholic Attack
An obsession with a short-skirted 'Lady at Fatima'

catholic Sister Lucy’s Last Public Interview - 1957
Our Lady warns the world of the coming chastisement

catholicThe Message of Benedict at Fatima
Analysis of the papal visit to Portugal in May 2010

catholicWhat Has Been Forgotten in Haiti?
Is this the beginning of the chastisement announced at Fatima?

catholicCounter-Revolution from the Fatima Perspective - Part 1
A call to the Catholic fight and a consistent way of being

catholicCounter-Revolution from the Fatima Perspective - Part 2
We should have compassion for Our Lady who suffers with the Church

catholicRemembering What We Cannot Forget
Four witnesses confirming a 'Fourth Secret' of Fatima - still unrevealed

catholicThe Secret of Fatima and Cardinal Bertone’s Visit to Madrid
The Prelate who has done his best to bury the Third Secret

catholicPapal Silence on the 91st Anniversary of the Fatima Apparitions
Why is Benedict XVI burying the message of Our Lady?

catholic Our Lady of Médous, Fatima, and Vatican II
An early apparition in France and its relation to our times

catholicBenedict’s Support for Communism and the Fatima Prophecy
How his letter to Chinese Catholics fulfills the predictions of Our Lady

catholicConversion of Russia Negated by Vatican
Card. Poupard: The Vatican never wanted to make Russia a Catholic country

catholicCard. Pacelli: It Is Suicidal for the Church To Change Her Faith and Liturgy
The future Pope Pius XII revealed the warnings of the Fatima revelations

catholicCard. Silvio Oddi:  The Third Secret is about Vatican II
Excerpts from his book The Meek Watchdog of God

catholic A Sister Lucy Favorable to Judaism?
A new book with strange additions to the message of Fatima

catholicThe Five Sins Against Our Lady
Five increasingly grave blasphemies and the need for reparation

catholicFatima and the Last Times Remedies
As explained by Mr. Guido Del Rose

catholicHindu Ceremony in Fatima
A Hindu service in the Apparitions Chapel at the Fatima Sanctuary

catholicPictures of a Desecration
Photo Report of a Hindu Ritual at Fatima by John Vennari

catholicPope Approves Fatima Interfaith Shrine
A gesture of approval for the new Fatima shrine

catholicA Tango of Contradictions around the Banjo Shrine
Catholic authorities dancing around the UN involvement in the Fatima Congress

catholicThe Saint vs. the Vatican at the Fatima Interfaith Congress
St. Francis preaches the need for conversion to the Catholic faith

catholicIs a Sleeping Giant Beginning to Awaken?
Strong reaction of the public to the Fatima Interfaith Shrine

catholicJohn Vennari on Zenit’s Fatima Report
A response to the falsehoods on the Fatima Interfaith Shrine

catholicFatima to Become Interfaith Shrine: An Account from One Who Was There
John Vennari's report on what happened at the October 2003 Interfaith Congress

catholicNews on the Interfaith Program at Fatima
Vennari shows the new meanings of evangelization promoted at Fatima

catholicThe Progressivist Challenge to Fatima
The inter-faith shrine at Fatima is against Our Lady

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