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The Spanish Shame

Atila Sinke Guimarães

The world is still digesting with nausea the startling change of mentality in Spain. From a nation of historic heroes, it became a nation of rabbits that, in face of terrorism, scurried from the war and elected a Socialist government to make sure that no Spanish soldier will fight against the Moor. The grandiose Spain of Don Pelayo, El Cid, and St. Ferdinand of Castile, the indomitable nation of the Reconquista died last month with its vile reaction to the terrorist train bombing in Madrid.

Spain concedes and is defeated by Terrorism

Forsaking its noble past, Spain handed the victory to terrorism - National Review, April 5, 2004
Why did it forsake its noble past? To maintain its petit bourgeois life with its mediocre pleasures. It was impossible to assume a more cowardly response to terrorism, and a more shameful pretext to abandon the war in Iraq. Sancho Panza with his ridiculous belly and fears symbolizes the new Spain. A country with so little mettle is virtually conquered by the Moors. I am an admirer of the glorious past of Catholic Spanish militancy, and I followed the fading of this great vocation with sadness. Considering this, I remembered the words of Our Lady of Fatima predicting that many nations would disappear. We witnessed one of these nations that has vanished.

I ask the hasty Americans who are against the war on terrorism: Is this the kind of reaction you wanted from the United States after September 11? Don’t you see that this would be a virtual defeat before fanatic Mohammedism? If you take such a position, you are either completely naive or an accomplice to terrorism.

 Pacifist Cardinal Rouco Varela

Pacifist Card.Varela presents "love" as the only answer for terrorism
Less surprising, but not less worthy of rejection, were the words of Cardinal Rouco Varela, Archbishop of Madrid, when he preached that the only answer to terror is love. At a Mass in Madrid on March 24 paying tribute to those killed in the terrorist attack, he counseled his large audience to an “entreating love so that the Lord will bring the terrorists to penitence and conversion” (The Tablet, April 3, 2004, p. 28). Against the “seed of hate” planted by the terrorists, the Cardinal urged the remedy of love – nothing more.

By preaching love for the Islamic terrorists, the Cardinal indirectly but strongly attacked the pro-war position of the previous Spanish government and favored the Socialist opposition, whose candidate made campaign promises to reform the civil code to allow same-sex marriages and relax the laws against abortions. It is the invariable hypocritical position of the Conciliar Church, which always ends by betraying the traditional Catholic teaching. In fact, the Socialist candidate José Rodriguez Zapatero won in the general election on March 14, and the dishonor of Spain was complete.

Posted April 29, 2004

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