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Moscow’s New Onslaught

Jorge Zamora, Chile

Western public opinion witnessed the “death” (or better said, the apparent death) of Communism with the fall of the Soviet bloc. According to appearances, the Russian leaders since Gorbachev have changed the aggressive Communist visage for an amiable, inoffensive face, promoting nuclear disarmament and the democratization of society. (1)

Abkhazaian soldiers

Abkhazian soldiers await a new war in Georgia
They exchanged the Russian AK 47 rifle for an eloquent pen and openness to the ‘grand themes’ of the globalized world: economic liberalization, education, ecology, and so on. (2).

Communism seemed to disappear definitively under the new modern Russia, which recognized the open market and established good relations with almost all its neighbors. The West, completely taken in, looked confidently toward a new era of technological and economic progress. The communists thanked the Western nations for their generosity and gave talks at universities – Gorbachev-style.

For the optimistic, trusting observer, the relaxed and anesthetized atmosphere of the end of the Cold War and the supposed death of Communism undoubtedly seems to have suddenly been disrupted.

To illustrate the point: in this morning’s news (October 19), there was a report that (pro-Russian )Abkhazian separatists opened fire on the Georgian town of Nabakevi, breaking the cease-fire agreement between pro-Western Georgia and the Pro-Russian regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, where Russia maintains 3,800 soldiers to “prevent” any Georgian attacks. (3) Is a real truce possible with the Communists?

Latin America targeted

In less than five years a communist bloc of the Stalinist cut has been formed in Latin America. It includes Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua. Today the old guerrillas and subversives are back in power – but this time elected democratically!

The hope of exiled Cubans that the death of Fidel would bring a change in regime has ended as yet another illusion. Communism continues on the prison-island under the command of Raul Castro. Further, the majority of the other Latin American nations have socialist governments, partners of Communism: that is, they follow the slow march toward the same end.

Here we summarize some more recent events:
  1. Venezuela has offered Russia the opportunity to install military and air bases in the country. (4)

  2. To create a counterweight to the United States, Russia promised to invest thousands of millions of dollars in Venezuelan gas and oil after a meeting in Moscow between Presidents Dimitri Medvedev (a puppet of Putin) and Hugo Chávez.. (5)

  3. Chavez recently purchased 24 Su-30MK2 fighters and 50 MI helicopters plus 100,000 late-version Kalashnikov AK-103 assault rifles from Russia. (6)

  4. In September, Russian bombers carried out military maneuvers in Venezuela, operations that were led by Chavez himself. (7)

  5. Russian long-range anti-submarine bombers have already arrived in Venezuela for exercises scheduled for mid-November in the Caribbean. The larger exercises scheduled for November will involve Russian planes, nuclear submarines and warships. (8)

  6. Putin, an-ex KGB officer, promises to collaborate with Venezuela in developing nuclear energy for “pacific aims.” (9).

Has Russian Communism died?

In this scenario – without entering into details on the communist anti-U.S. government of Hugo Chavez in Venezeuela - the question rises: Is Russian Communism dead?

Putin and Hugo Chavez

Putin's Russia enters Latin America via Hugo Chavez
Chavez responds: "We will raise the banners, we will roll the drums, and we will sing songs for the arrival of our [Russian] allies, with whom we share the same vision of the world.” (10)

Russia is extending its military and economic power in Latin America through Venezuela and its allies, the new South American communist bloc. And Venezuela acts as a port through which Russia arms, planes, ships and, above all, influence can enter.

What we are seeing is a brusque swerve in direction of Communism. What appeared to be dead is not dead. It is in force and expanding like a creeping plant that will end by asphyxiating the South American nations. For the ubiquitous optimists, it is bad news: Communism continues to be the worst enemy in the History of civilization.

What awaits us? Only God knows. What we can infer, using reason, is that nothing good can be born from this alliance of the new Latin American Communist bloc with Communist Russia.

What can we do in this hour of uncertainty? Pray and confide in Our Lady, that she will crush the head of the serpent and, with it, Moscow’s new assault.
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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 5, 2008

Jorge Zamora first published this article in Spanish on his blog
El Cruzado
A site to expose Socialism, Communism and the Revolution in the Church

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