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A Statue Speaks a Warning to the U.S.

Ho Chi Minh Comes to Mexico City

Toby Westerman

The dedication of a statue to Vietnamese communist revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh in Mexico City is a profound warning to the United States concerning growing power and influence of leftist tyranny. The U.S. centralized media has ignored this event, to its disgrace and the peril of all those who love freedom.

A statue of Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh - symbol of a brutal Communist tyranny
On January 17, 2008 Marcelo Ebrard, mayor of Mexico City, dedicated a statue of Ho during ceremonies attended by Vietnam's ambassador to Mexico, Pham Van Que, who stated that the statue "demonstrates closer solidarity and friendship" between the two nations. Ebrand interpreted this "solidarity and friendship" in terms of the bloody wars in Vietnam and associated Mexico with those struggles.

Ebrard said that the "victories of the Vietnamese people" not only helped change Vietnam, but also "the situation of the mankind" (Vietnam Foreign Affairs site). Those supposed victories in fact brought a brutal communist government to Vietnam.

Thousands fled the communist regime which triumphed by destroying South Vietnam. The government in Hanoi still rules as a totalitarian regime persecuting dissidents and, when convenient, public expressions of religious belief.

From his remarks, the Mayor of Mexico City views the struggle in which Vietnamese communists were engaged as continuing, and as something in which he, too, is engaged.

Ebrand is a supporter of the neo-Marxist Lopez Obrador, who very nearly became president of Mexico during that nation's 2006 election. Ebrand believes that the election was stolen from Obrador and he refused to acknowledge declared winner Felipe Calderon as President of Mexico. Ebrand also denied the legitimacy of Calderon's victory.

Mexico City's communist mayor Marcelo Ebrand

Mexico City mayor Marcelo Ebrand is an open supporter of Communism
Ho Chi Minh's statue in Mexico City adds one more contour to Mexico's leftist landscape which already features Marxist and anarchist guerrilla armies, influential organizations funded by neo-communist Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, and operatives of the Marxist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Spanish acronym, FARC) Colombia's most powerful narco-terror army. Mexico's drug cartels sell FARC-produced drugs and purchase FARC arms.

FARC personnel are also active in the United States, many times working with Mexican drug cartel members. FARC arms and training have made the drug cartels almost equal to the Mexican army. Mexico's current struggle against the cartels has gone so poorly that United States defense planners are considering contingencies if the nation of Mexico collapses.

The fate of the Mexican state is vitally important to the United States because the two nations share a 2,000 mile border through which many millions of dollars and people - legally and illegally - flow.

The statue of Ho Chi Minh in Mexico City cries out a warning to the people of the United States. Past communist victories in Asia are the prelude to the defeat of the United States itself in the minds of today's neo-communists. They advocate an elitist-led communal state which demands complete adherence while forbidding any dissent, and work with their sympathizers in the U.S.

Ho Chi Minh and his Vietnamese communists never defeated the United States in a major military conflict. The U.S. abandoned its allies in South Vietnam when communist sympathizers succeeded in winning a propaganda victory against the U.S. military - branding them as beasts and "baby killers" - and against the U.S. government, tarred as "imperialist" and "colonial."

By the mid-70s, leftist in the U.S. Congress gutted the American military, destroyed U.S. intelligence-gathering capabilities, and abandoned the pro-Western government of South Vietnam. The result of these policies in Vietnam was political oppression and death for millions.

A statute to a totalitarian leader calls us now to remember for what our country stands, and to first recognize and then counter a new wave of tyranny and death both on our borders and within our nation itself. Trusting in God, we can see the victory of truth over lies.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 11, 2009

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