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The Obama Doctrine and Global Tyranny

Toby Westerman

At the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad, Obama endured the rants of a petty tyrant for almost an hour and gave the "brotherhood" handshake to a Marxist dictator bent on destroying the United States. These actions join the presidential bow before an Islamic monarch as expressions of America's new foreign policy initiative - the "Obama Doctrine."

Obama shakes hands with Chavez of Venezuela

Obama exchanges a smile and a handshake with Communist president Chavez of Venezuela
David Axelrod, senior advisor to U.S. President Barack Obama, explained presidential actions, repugnant to a host of Americans, in the following manner: "You plant, you cultivate, you harvest. Over time, the seeds that were planted here are going to be very, very valuable."

A radio broadcast from Radio Havana Cuba is telling who will harvest the most from Obama's diplomatic initiatives.

During the first three days of June, the United Nations General Assembly will host a summit of nations on the global financial crisis and will work "toward the democratization of our world" - the global redistribution of wealth - according to the broadcast from Radio Havana, one of the Cuban government's official information sources. An ardent advocate of the UN meeting is the Marxist dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, the same Chavez with whom Obama shared the "brotherhood" handshake.

The current president of the UN General Assembly, Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, is planning the summit with the assistance of his 15-member board of advisors, who include U.S. leftist authors Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn.

D'Escoto, born in Los Angeles, California, was a Catholic priest in the Maryknoll order until suspended from his priestly duties by Pope John Paul II in 1983. D'Escoto is a long-time advocate of "liberation theology," which portrays Jesus Christ as an early form of Marxist revolutionary, not as the God-man savior of humanity.

Guerilla priest D'Escoto embraces Iranian president in Tehran

Former guerilla priest D'Escoto, right, embraces Iranian president at an economic summit in Tehran
He has been a key figure in the Marxist Sandinista government, serving as foreign minister from 1979-90, and won the Lenin Peace Prize in 1985. D'Escoto remains an important figure in Latin American Marxism, and was elected to a one-year term as president of the UN General Assembly in September 2008.

The goal of d'Escoto and his supporters is the domination of the world's economy by the Marxist-oriented UN.

D'Escoto views the June UN summit as "only the beginning of a process of laying the foundation for a new financial economic architecture." The head of d'Escoto's panel of advisors, Columbia University professor Joseph Stiglitz, has stated that "the international financial structure must be drastically overhauled," and his panel has called for "coordinated approach" which would include all 192 members of the UN. This "coordinated approach" would ensure that every nation, no matter how backward or corrupt, would have a say in the global economy on a par with the United States, the economic powerhouse of the world.

D'Escoto's panel is seeking to establish a "global economic coordination council" at the UN which would direct the world's economy, according to Radio Havana.

Those who are reaping the "harvest" - which is to be so "very, very valuable" - are the Marxists with whom Obama is seeking to have dialogue.

Despite the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, today's Marxists are again on the march, and one of their centers of activity is Latin America. Chavez preaches his version of Marxism which he calls "21st Century Socialism." His message is anti-capitalist, anti-American, and, so far, very successful in the region. His acknowledged "ideological father" is Fidel Castro, and his allies have gained power in Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nicaragua. Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay cooperate closely with the Chavez regime.

Cubas communications surveillance station in Bejucal

Cuba's system of international communications surveillance in Bejucal is in full operation
Chavez is also a friend of the Islamic Republic of Iran and other fundamentalist Muslim organizations. He is a supporter (sometimes openly, sometimes covertly) of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Spanish initials FARC), which has an international reach and may play a significant part in the on-going Mexican drug wars. Chavez receives assistance from China and obtains military backing from Russia.

When Ortega was berating Obama during the recent Summit of the Americas, the Marxist ruler decried the absence of Cuba at the meeting. The calls for Cuba's return as a respectable member of the society of nations is a long sought goal of Latin America's Marxists. Success is in sight as Obama lifts restrictions on Cuba and extends, again, the hand of friendship to another sworn enemy.

The "harvest" of outreach to Cuba remains uncertain, but as Obama offers new "seeds" of understanding, there are no indications, or even mention, of a cessation of the activities of Cuban intelligences services operating inside the United States.

Nor is there any sign that the Cubans will close the Chinese electronic surveillance base at Bejucal, and no real indication that the Cuban communists will lessen their hold on the Cuban people. Rather, the Cuban communist party has stated that its members intend to "reeducate" American tourists coming to Cuba as travel restrictions are eased.


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Posted April 20, 2009

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