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Echoes from Brazil

The Disappearance of the Catholic Left

Luiz Flávio Maia
The History of Brazil will record 2022 as a landmark year confirming a great U-turn in public opinion, which has been noticeable since 2013 and was victorious in 2018 with the victory of Right candidate Jair Bolsonaro. Like the Orban victory in Hungary several weeks ago, here in Brazil also the Left is losing ground, as we have shown (here and here).

A predicable second term of Bolsonaro in Brazil & a confirmed victory of Orban in Hungary

orban hugary
Today, let us, try to evaluate the consequences of a victory of the Right in the upcoming October election, which would have effects not only in Brazil, but all of the Latin America and the West.

Now, when we look for the Catholic Left on the present day political spectrum in Brazil, which had been so eager in the past to elect the communist candidates Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, we can affirm that it has to all appearances disappeared: The Catholic voice championing the Left is practically absent. Why and how has this happened?

The deeply anti-communist strain in the Brazilian soul, which had manifested itself in the 1960s and was responsible for the change of regime from a communist “democracy” to a military dictatorship – awakened again during the second term of the communist-terrorist Rousseff and caused her impeachment. That growing conservative vein was also responsible for Bolsonaro’s victory. Today, it is promising to re-elect him so long as there is no fraud in the vote-counting process.

Other profound components of the Brazilian national soul that are likewise resurfacing: attachment to the family, Catholic morality, free initiative and local traditions, which had been almost deadened and degraded, but not lost. During that period of decline, Progressivism - which is synonymous with the Catholic Left - advocated divorce and abortion to dissolve the family, socialization against private property, permissiveness against Catholic Morals, and abolition of sound traditions in favor of adaptation to the modern world.

pope lula

Francis has given full support to re-instate the corrupt & communist Lula

Progressivism would not prosper naturally in our country if it were not strongly promoted by many Bishops of the Catholic Church. It has had its heroes like “Red Archbishop” Helder Camara and Card. Evaristo Arns of São Paulo, leading supporters of the workers movements dominated by communists, along with so many others.

These Prelates were forerunners of what we still commonly see today, such as, for example, when Evo Morales, the Marxist president of Bolivia gave a blasphemous crucifix in the shape of the hammer and sickle to a smiling Francis. Or when we see the Pope’s hand outstretched eagerly to receive and bless our ex-president Lula, so loaded with crimes against the country.

It was in the sacristies that the infamous Workers Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores – PT) was born. Now that party is rejected by the masses, after indisputable evidence was released of its dishonest and corrupt actions in the spheres of finance and good customs. This party did not bring progress, but rather degradation.

Based on this sordid past, we might expect the participation of the Bishops and clergy in the coming elections, but it has not materialized. Before the 1989 election, for example, we heard from the pulpits, one after another, sermons pretending that the rise of the PT would re-establish morality in Public Affairs and the country would progress. Now, these sermons are no long heard.

Where is the Catholic Left? Where are Leonardo Boff and Fray Beto, exponents of the Liberation Theology who gave their full and public support to Lula and Dilma? They abandoned the ship before it sunk. They are silent. Why?

It is because, abandoning their bad shepherds, Catholics are rising up in a conservative wave. The progressivists thought that their preaching was giving fruits. The bad fruits it gave, however, were to encourage the decay of customs and the advancement of the communist agenda; at the same time it was also generating an indignant and consistent reaction, although for a long time it remained silent.

The advance of the Catholic Left continues around the world, as TIA shows every day on its website, but the absence of the Brazilian Catholic Left in the national scenario causes surprise. I believe that the main reason for this is because the "bosses" of the Left have realized that the more the Catholic Left raises its head, the greater the reaction against it is, thus harming its agenda. Only the future will tell if my evaluation is correct. The presidential election of October is near and I believe that the Right is well placed to win it.

progress brazil

The liberal media is forced to admit the growing progress in Brazil during the term of Bolsonaro

A curious symptom is that the opinion polls, which were always favorable to the Left in 2018 and then proved to be completely wrong, have been always against our present day right-wing government. Now, as the election approaches they are beginning to indirectly admit that the present Bolsenaro government has had some successes.

We see these headlines: “Unemployment diminishes, although millions of people looking for jobs" -“The economy has improved, but still quite shaky” - “The economy is less bad…” This indirect recognition of some good results from the present administration indicates a subtle change that sharply contrasts with the normal unrelenting attacks against the Right that these same polls reported until recently. Such a change should be noted because it indicates the Left has a fear it will lose the election and they do not want to be completely discredited, as they were in the past.

At any rate, the disappearance of the Catholic Left from the political panorama is a good thing, which I hope is a precursor of its permanent death.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 16, 2022

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