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catholic The Simple Elites of the People
A family’s permanence in a job during centuries brings glory to it

catholic All Classes Should Have Elites
How elites were born in the medieval guilds

catholicThe Family: Vital Principle of the Guilds
The spirit of family imbued all the institutions of a society

catholicRocking Horses for One Generation after Another
Nourishing the taste for excellence & the marvelous

catholicWhen Men and Affairs of Commerce Were Placid
A look at the medieval guild houses & the men who worked in them

catholicTwo Ways of Seeing Country Life
One inspired by the Catholic Church, the other by the Revolution

catholicMedieval Paternalism & Progressivist Neo-Slavery
Comparing the medieval guilds to the modern labor system

catholicThe Three Orders of Medieval Society
All social classes participate in the government of an organic society

catholicA Missing Bourgeois Elite
Failure of the monetary class to develop its own organic elite

catholicThe Role of Economy in the Collapse of the Medieval Mentality
Moral factors that change the structure of local economies

catholicThe Decay of the Medieval Guilds
The virus of an unbridled Capitalism accompanied by a change in mentalities

catholicMittenwald and Its Violins
An ambience conducive to sublimity and art

catholicLeadership: Established by Generosity & Gratitude, Not a Social Contract
Critique of the modern conception of power born from an exchange of interests

catholicRespectability in the Medieval Professions
The veneration of the people for Bishops, Kings & heads of guilds

catholicGroups of Friends and Guilds
How friendships form and develop in organic society

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