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Fr. Ratzinger: Catholic Faith is "An Oppressive Burden"

Faith and Future is a book that Fr. Joseph Ratzinger published in 1970. In it he expounded his conceptions of the Catholic Faith.

Contrary to what the Church always taught, Ratzinger defended that Faith is not primarily an ensemble of truths which the faithful must profess to be saved, but rather it is a personal testimony that may change according to history.

Ratzinger then went on to criticize the ensemble of truths of the Faith as an "oppressive burden."

At right, the cover of Fé e Futuro. Below, we present our translation of the highlighted Portuguese excerpts.

Regarding the Christian faith, the thing that really troubles us is largely the burden of the plethora of theses accumulated in the course of history that now present themselves all together to man demanding faith. ...

Fundamentally, people want to be liberated from this [the world of planning] just as much as from the old-fashioned faith which, by its contradiction to modern knowledge, has become such an oppressive burden to them.
(Joseph Ratzinger, Fé e Futuro, Petrópolis: Vozes, 1971 1968, p. 17)

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Posted on May 5, 2007

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