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Code of Canon Law Favors Annulments - Part I

Lack of Sufficient use of Reason for Consent

Recently Fr. Paul Sretenovic made an analysis of the causes put forth by Diocesan Tribunals in the United States for annulments of Catholic marriages. For the benefit of readers, he asked TIA to post in this section - Progressivist Document of the Week - the actual text of Canon 1095, followed by the commentaries of the Canon Law Society of America, which provides the basis for the sentences of judges in the mentioned Tribunals. Today we start a series of three posts, each one reproducing the commentaries of one of the three paragraphs of Canon 1095.

Reading these texts anyone can realize how easy it became in this post-conciliar Church to receive an annulment of marriage, no matter how legitimate and long-lasting it had been.

Below the cover of the New Commentary on the Code of Canon Law (Canon Law Society of America, New York: Paulist Press, 2000) followed by the photocopies of the commentaries on the Canon 1095.

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Posted on May 17, 2008

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