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Archdiocese of Milan Welcomes Freemasonry
On February 16, 2024, the Archbishop of Milan, Msgr. Mario Delpini, hosted an encounter titled The Catholic Church and the Freemasonry (Chiesa Cattolica e Massoneria) between some members of his Archdiocese and three Grand Masters of the Italian Masonry. The meeting took place at the headquarters of the Ambrosianum Cultural Foundation. The arrangements were made by the Group of Social Religious Research and Information (Gruppo di Ricerca e Informazione Socio-Religiosa) – GRIS – a Catholic lay organization.

Present were also Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, ex-Auxiliary Bishop of Milan and Emeritus President of the Pontifical Counsel for Legislative Texts in the Holy See, Bishop Antonio Stagliano, President of the Pontifical Academy of Theology and Fr. Zbigniew Suchecki, OFM, Professor of Theology.

Representing the Masonry were Stefano Bisi, from the Grand Orient of Italy, Luciano Romoli of the Grand Lodge of Italy and Fabio Venzi of the Grand Regular Lodge of Italy.

The meeting was not accessible to the press although the Freemasons posted their speeches and some general lines were reproduced by the press, taken from those 100 guests – 20 for each Freemason observance and 40 for GRIS.

Below we reproduce the photocopies of the invitation pamphlet, preceded of our English translation of its Italian content in navy bold text.


Catholic Church and Freemasonry

Seminar - Invitation only

Milan, February 16, 2024

Cultural Ambrosian Foundation - Avenue of the Hours 3

Back cover

This Seminar proposes itself to make known two realities, the Catholic Church and the Masonry, which have been often in conflict regarding their respective moral, spiritual and social non-shared positions.

The Masonry will be illustrated by the Grand Masters of the three more significant Italian lodges:

- Grand Orient of Italy (GOI) founded on June 20, 1805;

- Grand Lodge of Italy of the Old and Accepted Free Workers (GLDI-ALAM) founded in 1910 by a nucleus of Masons who left GOI;

- Grand Regular Lodge of Italy (GLRI) founded on April 17, 1993, by some lodges separated from GOI

The position of the Catholic Church will be presented by some Catholics (a bishop, a priest and a layman) who had in other occasions dealt with the theme of this Seminar.

Internal pages - Left side


Hours 15:00

Welcome and Introduction

Your Excellence Msgr. Mario Delpini Archbishop of Milan

Hours 15:15

Thank You and Presentation of the Seminar

Giuseppe Ferrari - Secretary of GRIS

Hours 15:20

Initial Considerations

Roberta Grillo, OV

Hours 15:30

Freemasonry between Ratzinger and Bergoglio

Stefano Bisi - Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy

Hours 16:00

The pronouncements of the Catholic Church about the Masonry, the dispositions of the 1917 and 1983 Codes of Canon Law and the Penal Sanctions of 2021 regarding the Masonry

Fr. Zbigniew Suchecki, OFM - Professor at the Pontifical College of Theology San Bonaventure - Seraphicum

Internal pages - Right side

Hours 16:30

Having Been Is the Condition for Us to Be

Luciano Romoli - Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Italy of the ALAM

Hours 17:00

Coffee break

Hours 17:20

What Dialogue Is Possible between Catholics and Masons?

Giuseppe Ferrari - Director of the Religious Pluralism Observatory

Hours 17:50

Freemasonry: The Last Heresy

Fabio Venzi - Grand Master of the Grand Regular Lodge of Italy

Hours: 18:20

The Reasons for the Disagreement between Catholic Church and Masonry

Your Excellence Msgr. Antonio Stagliano - President of the Pontifical Academy of Theology

Hours 18:50

Concluding Greetings

Your Eminence Card. Francesco Coccopalmerio - Emeritus President of the Pontifical Counsel for Legislative Texts

Milan Meeting Church Masonry 2024


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