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An Inmate on Today's Moral Crisis

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Dear Tradition In Action,

Ave Maria!

I felt like responding to the question I asked you: Is the whole world sunk in the darkness of sensuality? You stated that things were very bad everywhere, not just in the United States. I cannot see the world, as you can. Nor will I ever experience the many graces our church offers. This is my birthday on being a Catholic. I became a Catholic July 3, 2003 here in prison.

Back to my comments on the darkness our planet is experiencing. I was appalled that Spain, a Catholic country, accepted homosexual marriage and will allow them to have children. Then on the news, the anchorman said that Canada is next. I thought humanity always knew this problem existed, but to put an approval on this sin is appalling. That is a whole new degeneracy for mankind.

The Roman Catholic Church obviously disapproved what Spain did, but where are the Roman Catholics in Spain? The country that gave us such Saints and Mother Mariana, St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, etc. I am sure in Heaven they are grieved. I would have expected such a thing to occur here before it would have happened in Spain.

I am not sure how long the resistance will have success even here in the US. I saw a documentary on how a woman changed her modeling business to a pornography business. She said that the money coming in from the latter was unbelievable. She said she was even more shocked that ministers of the gospel (all churches) were buying her material. She said she would not reveal who they were because she wanted their money. She said the moral majority was phony. Many who want a moral President are immoral themselves. She then went on to say that if the moral majority would stop buying pornography then the business would probably be obscure and hidden as in the past. What sad and dark times. Unbelievable!

All I can say, keep fighting. I know there are so few of the faithful Catholics. But may God's Angels surround you and His armies defend you. I would hope the Roman Catholic Church would never become politically correct or compromise her stand on purity. I even heard a Lutheran minister say the Roman Catholic Church will eventually be historically gone. They cannot keep up with the times so eventually they will lose the young, and the older ones will die off, and so will the Church.

You know something, I am ready for Heaven now. I think I understand in a small way how God became so grieved by sin that He sent a flood. Sin is no longer hidden, but out in the open, challenging God's grace. Our Supreme Court mocks God and supports humanism. How did we get in such a mess? But I must believe God will win in the end.

Again, thank you for the book, The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana, which I will always cherish. I shall look at Our Lady of Good Success in these troubled times and pray for you and those fighting in the world for the Church always.

Thank you!

     Yours, in Jesus and Mary,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 23, 2005

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