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catholic Your Attack against TFP's Book Is Wrong!
The editor responds to objections about TFP's Pandora Box

catholic You Are Wrong on Marriage: The Priest Does Not Effect the Sacrament
Two schools on the ministers of matrimony

catholic Lay Catholics Cannot Say the Leo XIII Exorcism
Yes, we can. The position you took is against Catholic sense

catholic Prove the Link between Vatican II & the Civil Constitution of the Clergy
TIA gives the rationale: Liberal Catholicism was a version of that document

catholic Where Does the Catechism Say Immodest Clothing Is a Mortal Sin?
TIA responds based on the Catholic Moral Magisterium

catholic TIA’s Film Has Wrong Affirmations & Biased Data
Rebuttals from TIA & readers who support the apparition

catholic Why Not Change the Name of Our Lady of Good Success to Good Event?
TIA responds: ‘Good Success’ is appropriate & historically accurate

catholicWearing Any Kind Type of Trousers Is Objectionable
Bloomers, pantaloons etc. can be wore by women and girls modestly

catholic You Shouldn't Say that Benedict Agrees with the China Accord
TIA shows that Benedict paved the way for the action of Francis

catholicYour Answer on Mortal Sin in Attending the New Mass Was Inadequate
TIA distinguishes between those aware of the crisis in the Church & the naïve

catholic There Is No Factual Evidence that Newman Was a Homosexual
TIA distinguishes: The data allow a serious suspicion, not a certainty

catholicIt Is Not Our Lady of Good Success But Our Lady of Buen Suceso
TIA responds: An effort by SSPX to create confusion & usurp the devotion

catholicArch. Léfèbvre Was Not a Mason
TIA responds to 3 objectors & shows they offer no valid evidence or proof

catholic TIA Is Fueling Terrorist Plots & White Supremacy
Paranoid fantasies of an anti-racist

catholic You Lied When You Attributed Hesitation to Our Lady
A reader demands evidence of any hesitation before Our Lady's Fiat

catholic Rumors, Confusing Arguments & Public Debate
Guimarães invites Fr. Sretenovic to enter the public arena on marriage

catholicThe Author You Praised Took Part in an Abortion
Fr. Sretenovic responds, agreeing there is no excuse for her participation

catholic Kosher Does Not Require a Jewish ‘Blessing’
A reader lectures us on Jewish food and Muslim 'blessings' - TIA responds

catholic You Misquoted a Document on the Holy Week Reform
Dr. Byrne responds to a reader who confused two quotations

catholicYou Are Wrong to Criticize a Dancing Priest
A reader in England reacts to our post on Fr. Frankie Mulgrew

catholicStop Criticizing Pius XII, I Can’t Bear It...
Dr. Byrne shows she provided ample documentation & facts

catholicNo Saint Said All Homosexuals Died on Christmas - Your Quote Is Fake
TIA publishes the full sermon of St. Bonaventure that includes this quote

catholic Answering an Open Letter from Spain on the Death of Sister Lucy
Guimarães states why he doubts she died in 1949

catholic The U.S. Is Bad, while Putin Supports Morality
Westerman responds showing the schismatic religion is a tool of Communism

catholicYou Are Outdated on Freemasonry
TIA updates our objector with a realistic picture of who controls Masonry

catholicTake off the Porno Photos You Posted
The aim is to expose the scandal of Francis, not to promote indecency

catholicYou Are Spreading False Information about Card. Ottaviani
TIA: the accusation confuses apples and oranges

catholicYou Are Scandalous & Heretics for Calling Protestants Christians
TIA presents its consistent position on using the term Christian

catholicYou Should Cover Up for the Conciliar Popes & Msgr. Lefebvre
TIA: Our policy is to defend the whole truth and to expose the full error

catholicBaptism of Blood Is Not in the Catholic Magisterium
A priest challenges TIA - The editor responds

catholicIt's Bad Advice to Pray when Driving
It is a lax manner of praying - Fr. Paul Sretenovic replies

catholicEight Objections to the ‘Third Secret’
The discussion grows on document posted by TIA

catholicAmericans Need to Wear Blue Jeans, Don’t Try to Change Our Identity
Mead & Horvat respond: Our identity is not at stake, but our customs & morals

catholicYou Are Worldly - Catholic Life and Culture Should be Simpler
TIA refutes a Catholic who unknowngly is promoting Calvinism

catholicYour Criticism of Distributism Is Unfair
A traditionalist insists Distributism is 'better than nothing' - TIA responds

catholicIt Is Not According to the Gospels To Censure Unwed Mothers
Distinction between private and public sins and their consequences

catholicFellay: The SSPX Bishops Did Not Compromise; Your Critique Is a Delirium
Guimarães responds and asks: Did you accept the legitimacy of Vatican II or not?

catholicFr. Fernando Rifan Was Never a Decision-Maker in the SSPX Cupola
Guimarães expounds on the basis of his previous statement

catholicYour Position of Resistance Is Wrong; Sede-Vacantism Is Right
TIA rebuts the simplistic reasoning of a sede-vacantist reader

catholicQuo Primum vs. Novus Ordo
TIA summarizes its position regarding the illegitimacy of the New Mass

catholicYour Comments on Pictures Are Foolish - Here is the Evidence
A reader reveals his liberalism by ignoring immoralities and improprieties

catholicSay Heretic and Not Progressivist; You Are Using Propaganda Photos
Two readers send objections to our language and photos - Two answers

catholicYou Sinned against Charity and Purity by Exposing Gill
Fr. Peter Scott indirectly attacks Patrick Odou's articles - Read the rebuttal

catholicOn the Attack of the Southern Poverty Law Center
TIA accused of being 'dirty' and 'anti-semitic' - Guimarães responds

catholicThere Is No Evidence that St. Paul Avoided Crucifixion
A reader criticizes Prof. Plinio's "strident" remarks - The editor responds

catholicYou Should Have Compassion for Ducks and Other Livestock
A covert eco-terroist explodes over our position on animals - TIA replies

catholicYou Can't Say that Mother Teresa Was Praying to Gandhi
One reader attacks us, another supports us.

catholicBlair Is Not Episcopalian and Judaism Is Not Bad. You Are Wrong.
An English reader accuses TIA of imprecision in facts. Read our response.

catholic“The Rock” & Rock 'n' Roll: A Clarification and Some Objections
Fr. Rick Stary: Dances are valid cultural expressions at Masses - TIA responds

catholicA Dispute over the Rainbow
The vestments of Bishops at WYD 1997 had no homosexual connotations

catholicThere Are Exaggerations in Your Pictures of the Week
The attitudes of JPII and Benedict XVI are not revolutionary - Our response

catholicThe New Mass Is Not Protestant. You Are Wrong.
A convert objects - Fr. Stephen Somerville responds

catholicYou Gave No Evidence that Judaism Destroyed Christendom
A reader demands the proof - Guimarães offers it

catholicThe "Anathemas" of John Grasmeier
A multi-argument attack by two journalists against TIA - Guimarães refutes it

catholicWe Should Leave the Decision on the Two Sister Lucys to Forensic Experts
Our answer: Although such opinions are important, they are not decisive

catholicThe Inside the Vatican Photo Is Mislabeled - You Are Conspiracy Maniacs
A reader defends the magazine and attacks TIA - Our response

catholicWildfire Spreading over Sister Lucy's Photos
Pros and cons on whether there are two Sister Lucys of Fatima

catholicIt's a Waste of Time to Study Our Colonial History
It is better to be concerned with today's crisis in the Church - Dr. Horvat responds

catholicDon't Link Eric Gill and His Sexual Deviations to Distributism
A reader presents four different objections - TIA responds

catholicCardinals Rampolla and Gasparri Could Not Be Bad. You Are Wrong
Pius X kept them in the Curia, so how could they be Masons? Our response

catholicWhy Don't You Discuss the Main Authors of Distributism?
We just did. Two days ago an article was posted addressing this point

catholicShould Our Lady of Good Success Carry a Crosier?
Yes, she should. There is nothing unusual in this depiction of Our Lady.

catholicIt Is Good to Have a Dancing Bishop
Bishop Britt was just "praising the Lord" - TIA responds

catholicDiverting Attention from the Distributist Polemic?
You cannot post my name in your repercussions - About articles on Eric Gill

catholicThe Subjective Morals of Mr. Karl Keating
An attack on a review by Dr. Horvat on WYD

catholicAgainst TIA's Supposedly Utopic Standards of Culture
From Zimbabwe: Nothing traditionalist can come from the U.S.

catholicThe Book Previews of the New Papacy Contains Heresy
Fr. Savage accuses: The divinity of Christ is denied - Our response

catholicA Torrent of Pros and Cons on Eric Gill, A Founder of Distributism
Gill admirers attack Odou's critique of his pornographic art & perverted lifestyle

catholic Nothing Is Wrong with Paul VI Wearing the Jewish High Priest Symbol
Fr. Joseph Santos accuses that TIA's criticism of Paul VI is due to ignorance

catholic There Is No Implication of the Pope in the Cover-Up Scandal
From Kansas City: objection to the article Papal Letter by Guimarães.

catholicYou Cannot Condemn Women Wearing Trousers Today
From London: objection to Horvat's article Good Ideas Fit With Good Customs

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