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Praising the Books on Vatican II
by A. S. Guimarães

Thank You for Exposing Progressivism

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What I value most about the books in the Collection [In the Murky Waters of Vatican II, Animus Delendi I, Animus Delendi II]: they are so clear and state the facts in such a logical and compelling sequence, passing from one level of development to the next in the process and the objectives of the revolution and its "trajectory." They have defined for me, once and for all, exactly what is happening.

This is a tremendous protection against the influence of this progressivist evil in the Church and in the world. For, I never understood what was going on in the minds of these men (for lack of clear evidence). I wondered if it weren't just some mistaken notions that couldn't really spring from malice. I didn't even realize how serious and how radical the "disease" is!

But now I see clearly that it is diabolical. I see it because the books define clearly the Catholic position and compare it to the progressivist position, side by side, step by step, using their own words and citing their own actions in abundance, moving through the entire compendium of Catholic teaching on the Church and the social order, the nature of the Church and its Divinely ordained mission, and showing how the progressivists, with set purpose, militate against the right, and even rational, order of things! Thus, the utterly destructive, perverse and diabolical nature of their position is thrown into clear relief.

That's what happened for me as I read those books. I finished them both within a few days.

I don't know if it has ever been done so effectively all in one spot simply by stating their own words and contrasting it with the "millenniums-old" teaching of the Church!!

Actually, after awhile I had to stop reading everything *they* said, and just continued past it to read Mr. Guimarães' analysis of it, because their minds and words are so diabolical, that I had to pray not to be polluted by their perversity and darkness as I read.

Thank you for this great work -- I am sure it took months and years of effort to achieve the final result.

Let us pray for one another to be faithful in the days of unspeakable trial which lay ahead. Now I surely understand better why Our Lord said that the days of tribulation would be shortened for the sake of the elect -- for who among us will be equal to them...?

God bless you and Mary keep you,

     In Her,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted Augut 30, 2005

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