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On Katherine Hepburn Article

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Marian Horvat

Regarding your article on K. Hepburn. We live a short distance from the birth place of Margaret Sanger in Corning, New York. A few blocks away is a building with a pretty blue awning across which is printed: The Houghton, Hepburn, Sanger Planned Parenthood of the Southern Tier. Houghton was the founder of Corning, Inc.

     Thank you,

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Kate Hepbourn Scandals
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Dear friends of TIA,

Love your website! I especially loved reading your article on Kate Hepburn. She was a scandalous soul, wasn't she? Take care of yourselves!

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Praying for the Damned
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Dear Professor Horvat,

Thank you for your article on Katherine Hepburn. I too was horrified by the glowing praises of her private life and embodiment of feminism. My only beef was the end of the article.

There is no salvation outside the Church, and having been a Protestant, I can tell you that it is very difficult to convert once you have been raised that way. As the Popes say: "We can no more pray for a deceased infidel than we can for the devil, since they are condemned to the same eternal and irrevocable damnation." - Pope St. Gregory the Great, Moralia, 34:19, PL75:509; Saints to Know and Love, p.61

"Those who die as infidels are damned." -Pope St. Pius X



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted Augut 19, 2005

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