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Hello Tradition in Action,

I am never surprised when the universality of your beautiful adventure takes a new and significant direction. I am a natural therapist qualified in both the modern and traditional health sciences, as well as traditional healing techniques. The article entitled "What America Eats: A New Tendency Sprouts" by Dr. Marian T. Horvat identifies a welcome trend that is counter to the de-naturing of food.

This can not come soon enough. Because now we are confronted with such Orwellian novelties as irradiated food, genetically modified or transgenic food, even food that is genetically spliced with drug co-factors e.g. the pharma rice that is spliced with the co-factors for statins. Look up the Weston A. Price Foundation on the web. Dr. Price has extensively documented that perfect health and traditional diets go together.

The syndromes identified by Dr. Horvat exist on the spectrum of the diseases of Mercury. Entire populations carry both chemical and heavy metal toxicity from a range of sources. One of the most destructive at present is Mercury. According to WHO there is no safe level of mercury in the body. Its toxicology reveals that it attacks glands, nerves, bone, blood and the brain. Modern populations are mercurialised from vaccinations and dental amalgam fillings.

In the past, people sufferred mercurialisation from occupational exposure and medical treatment e.g. for venereal disease. Because they had access to a wide variety of foodstuffs in the natural state, they were able to source the foods / herbs that will antidote Mercury - e.g sarsaparilla. The brewing of traditional lacto fermented sodas like root beer was popular not just because real root beer is a great drink. It is also a Mercury antidote.

The sooner people can revive the vegetable garden or the commons and the open air markets of fresh produce, the sooner they can start to address the syndromes and diseases of our time.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 11, 2005

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