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After 35 years, a Latin Mass
in St. Mary's of Mount Carmel Church

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Dear TIA,

I wanted you to see the church that God blessed us with having the "Latin Nuptial Mass" for my niece's wedding at last Saturday. It was the first time in approximately 35 years that the "Latin Mass" was offered on this inspirational, beautiful high altar of St. Mary’s of Mount Carmel Church in Fancher, Wisconsin. Thanks be to God, the Blessed Mother, the Angels and Saints for helping it to become a reality.

Altar of the St Mary of Mount Carmel Church in Fancher, Wisconsin

St. Mary's of Mount Carmel was built in 1904 by Polish immigrants. On the front entrance three Polish words Boze Zbaw Polske [God Save Poland] are inscribed. The altar, above, reaches way up into the dome, which is almost 70 feet in height.
Let me give a brief history report: The first church was built in 1885 and measured 30' x 20' in size, 14' high. This original church was used as a school when a larger one was needed. The second church was built in 1893 and was 104' x 40' and 27' high.

However, the second St. Mary's was only in existence for a few years when it was destroyed by a fire.

The picture you are viewing of the high altar is the one still in existence today. The statues are life-size, so I am guessing the main altar is somewhere around 45 feet tall. There are matching smaller side altars.

It was built in the year 1904 in the Neo-Gothic design which you see in the photograph. The present church seated 900 people. Although I do not have the interior measurements now, the Bell Tower is 157' tall. (The interior painting as you see it in the picture was done in 1960.) Quite a tremendous feat all things considered, and the fact that the location was a farming community, which it remains to this day.

The Polish settlers did much of the work themselves, and I'm sure sacrificed greatly to build such a dignified, inspirational church for the "Greater glory and honor of God, His Angels and His Saints!"

Visitors continue to come from many parts of the United States, and as far away as Europe just to see the church after hearing about it. As one lady from Poland commented, "In Poland this would be considered a Basilica."

What a wonderful tribute to our Holy Catholic Faith, all the love, dedication and devotion that was put into this church.

If you are ever in Central Wisconsin please stop in and visit the church. It is located about 10 miles southeast of Stevens Point. A truly inspirational sight to behold.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 1, 2005

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