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Thanks for Your Position on Distributism

People Commmenting
Mr. Odou,

Thank you for rightly criticizing Distributism in your recent articles [Click here]. I believe that your work in this area is more important than you may realize.

I manage money for quite a number of orthodox Catholics and many of them are turned off to traditional Catholicism because they believe that one must accept Distributism along with the traditional Faith.

Distributism (or what you and I would simply call Socialism) is a plague that is infecting traditional Catholicism, or at least some recognized names in traditional Catholicism.

As best as I can tell, distributists are essentially quite unhappy people who are trying to make everyone else equally unhappy. As I have mentioned to Tom Woods, Distributism is less an economic theory and more a psychological disorder.

You may have read several of my articles on the same topic on SeattleCatholic.com. If not, you may find them of interest.

Keep up the good work!

     John Clark

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 1, 2005

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