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Frankness & The Era of the Child

People Commmenting
Adele Blanchard,

I agree wholeheartedly with your article Is Being Frank Always Advisable?

I would like to add that many today fool themselves into believing that expressing their emotions is something truthful, when it often has nothing to do with truth.

I would also like to add that it is becoming more and more difficult in this day and age to behave in the manner you described when it comes to the workplace. I am an employer, and I find if I do not insist on accountability for even the smallest of tasks, the work will most likely be carried out poorly, if at all. Do not think this is because the employees are treated poorly. I have been forced to do this against my own desire.

In our place of work we believe one of the most important aspects is to create an environment where all employees feel welcome and want to be here because they know disrespect for or belittling of fellow employees is not permitted. However, there is a growing pervasive attitude of apathy toward everything in employees. I believe this is because so many people lack the Faith, which leads to a lack of hope; without hope, people no longer have the aim or ambition to succeed.

Few believe any longer they will pay for their sins in Hell, but at the same time they are also unsure about being rewarded in Heaven. I have asked many of my employees about this, and at first most say they think they will go to Heaven when they die. But when I press them for a reason why they think this, it becomes apparent that they do not really believe this at all. Unfortunately, at that point most do not want to talk about it any further.

I invite them to pray with us at our lunchtime Rosary, where the primary intention is for our employees and their families. Everyone is invited, but few accept. Is it any surprise that some of my best employees are the ones who pray with us?

Thanks for your inspiring website,

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The Era of the Child
People Commmenting

I really enjoyed your article The Era of the Child. I think it is a point well made.

Something I have noted today is that many young parents - and I am sorry to say even some traditionalist Catholics - seem to adore their children. Everything is for the children, the children, the children. They make special food for them if they don't like what's being served. They center all the conversation on what the children are doing and thinking. The day revolves around their activites.

Then I look at the children, and they are self-centered, loud, ill-mannered, selfish, telling their parents what to do, what they want, what they have to have to eat for dinner, and so on. They should be trained to do things for their parents and others, and not expect everything to be done for them so that they think the world revolves around them.

I am not talking about all children of course. Some are very well mannered and they are a joy to see and be with.

I remember when I was young and we went to visit my grandparents. The adults visited, we were told to play quietly or read, and we all went for drives in the country for outings. It was what children today would call 'boring,' because the events were not planned around the children, but the adults. But we would have never dreamed of complaining - it wasn't just that we feared punishment, we just had a different mindset. The world revolved around adults, not children.

At any rate, I enjoyed this article and many others on your site. Thanks for your good work.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 13, 2006

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