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Testimonies of Now-Traditionalist Catholics

People Commmenting
Dear Tradition in Action,

This evening I discovered your website and have been reading various articles on it for about two hours, and I just wanted to commend you for the information you make available. (I've been reading several other traditionalist websites for a couple of months, and find your approach a little more accessible, although their sites are also very informative).

As a 46-year-old Catholic man, I have only faint memories of what being a Catholic "used to be like" - particularly when it comes to going to a genuine Mass. I recently went to an "indult" Tridentine Mass in NYC and was just floored by the reverence and beauty of it, even though I didn't have a Missal to follow along with. I haven't had that feeling at a New Order Mass in many years, and it's a start.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for keeping the torch burning. I am reading and learning more and more about the Church that they changed so radically when I was six or seven-years-old, and I am sure to be in touch with you again.

Thank you.

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Awake to Tradition
People Commmenting
Dear Tradition in Action,

Thank you for your intelligent, lucid, and consistent adherence to and defense of the traditional Catholic faith.

I've been a "cradle Catholic" since I was born in 1962. I'm a CCD educated person, which I've discovered means I know next to nothing about the Catholic faith. When I left home, I went to a military school, became an officer in the Navy, and fell off the Catholic path almost immediately. I didn't think there was anything wrong with accepting other faiths, and it seemed the Catholic Church was ok with that as well. I truly had no idea that there was another kind of Catholic Church other than the one seemingly taught by the Novus Ordo Mass.

My first spiritual awakening happened in November of 1997. I was really turned on to the Catholic Church and read an old Baltimore Catechism No. 3, and felt like I was learning about God's True Religion for the first time! I started praying the Rosary every day, got fired up about daily Mass (Novus Ordo Mass), weekly confession, etc., but still felt "empty" somehow. I just couldn't believe an entire religion could have "swapped out" right in front of everybody.

Then came my second awakening. I was in New Orleans from 2002 to 2004, and there I went to an Indult Traditional Latin Mass at St. Patrick's and was completely overwhelmed. After that Mass I was so moved that I cried for half an hour. I had finally found the REAL Mass that all the Saints were talking about. I had known for years that there was "something wrong" but I couldn't put my finger on it. Now I KNEW, but still couldn't explain it in a logical, rational argument. Your website is helping me do just that.

Finally, let me add that I understand and completely agree with your position of accepting the current Holy Father as the legitimate successor to St. Peter, but to "resist to the face" any errors that are being promulgated throughout the Church.


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Modern Day Militants
People Commmenting

Thank you for being there for all of traditionalists in time of need. I can assure that this 80-year-old Catholic can't "get enough of this stuff." You are truly modern day "militant Catholics" and we appreciate your battle for so many deserving souls.

     Pax tecum,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 22, 2005

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