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Deal of SSPX with the Vatican

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In light of what I've been reading, I thought to provide a few comments for those who might be interested.

It has been alleged on numerous sites that Rome is willing to allow the SSPX to form an "Ordinariate of the Good Shepherd." An "ordinariate" is similar in nature (though not exactly) to a "personal prelature."

This is nothing new since we have this model already. The Opus Dei is a "personal prelature" for those laity and priests who are under the "prelacy" of the Opus Dei organization.

The military services don't have a "diocese" that the soldiers and chaplains are attached to, because they are not just in "one place," but "floating" in that sense if we understand our troops are all over the world. So, the Church frequently establishes "military ordinariates" or "military diocese" for those who serve in the military. The Bishop of the ordinariate has jurisdiction over the priest chaplains wherever they might serve, at any place in the world etc. I hope this briefly helps one understand the distinctions.

What Rome apparently would offer then is that the SSPX be placed in an "ordinariate" that would have jurisdiction over the SSPX priests and communities attached to them, any place in the world. In this manner, the SSPX can continue to ordain priests who serve only the communities "within" this "floating diocese" if you will or "ordinariate," which would be subject to a Novus Ordo Cardinal in Rome.

My assessment is that this would be the end of the SSPX. If the SSPX is granted an "ordinariate" status by Rome, Rome will use them to turn their guns on all others who remain staunch in the faith to bring about a total end to those attached to tradition. Watch and see!

With the SSPX forced into a "corner" or "neighborhood" of tradition so to speak, they are then limited as regards speaking out against the Novus Ordo and Modernism.

After all and we saw this with Campos in Brazil: they are then in "official" union with all those they've condemned for so many years. Campos is dead in the water... the murky waters of Vatican II. Seeing the bishop of the group in a Novus Ordo concelebration, with dancing girls scantily clad with his Novus Ordo alb, stole, miter, he fit right in with the rest of them, as he concelebrated the Novus Ordo. We can look back and read his own words about the Novus Ordo.

The SSPX's bishops will be required to participate (as did the former traditional Bishop of Campos) in the Novus Ordo gatherings. They will have to admit that it is the Novus Ordo that gives them permission to function, the ones who have betrayed the faith with the New Mass, the New Rites, the New Catechisms, things that they have condemned and even called heretical over the years!

Has Rome really come back to the faith recently? Have all the just criticisms and concerns of the SSPX over the years all of a sudden been "cleared up" through some miraculous intervention last night?

Rome knows that "tradition" is growing so they are quickly acting to "corner" and block it off in a "segregated" type of "ordinariate" where it can be contained.

God willing, a few SSPX bishops and priests will see this offer for the evil thing it is. They will break away and keep the faith.

I think it would be a good idea to begin now to compile the sermons and excerpts of writings of the SSPX from back to the 1970's. If they make a deal with Rome, and Rome uses them to turn their guns on the bastions of the faith left, we'll need these items to show the nature of the SSPX leadership to prove that the SSPX has in dramatic fashion changed course, that they've compromised with heresy and Modernism, things they condemned frequently with vitriolic language.

Do it now because Rome has a purpose for all of this...


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 4, 2006

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