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Dressing Well All the Time

People Commmenting
Dear TIA,

Thanks for the recent article Dressing Well: Vanity or Virtue? By the way, it is a great title. That used to be my excuse to wear blue jeans and comfortable clothes all the time - that I was not vain and that it was vanity to care about your appearance.

I was going to send in a question about your thought on whether it is okay to wear comfortable lounging-clothes around the house, or do the housework in exercise clothes. But this latest article ansered the question, and very well also I might add. I never thought about my own dignity, just about what impression or scandal that I might give to others by sloppy or immoral dress. It makes sense that if we are always in the presence of God and the angels, we should not only act like it but also dress accordingly.

Thanks for a very thought provoking and timely article. I don't think I will change my habits overnight, but Lent is a good time to make a start. It will be harder for me to try to always dress decently than to fast or add extra prayers.

Keep up the good work you're doing.

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Women and Trousers
People Commmenting
Dear Dr. Horvat,

Just wanted to congratulate you on the article Good Ideas Fit with Good Customs, and especially the follow-up where you answer the objections of the London lady - Objection: You Cannot Condemn Women Wearing Trousers Today.

I've been writing about this very subject of women and pants on traditional Catholic lists and I sure could have used your article because these women make all kinds of excuses like the young woman in London. The excuses range from the pants that look feminine are okay to I have a feminist mother-in-law who hates men and wears skirts; therefore wearing skirts doesn't prove anything.

Thanks for your great article.

     God bless,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 3, 2006

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