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Benedict XVI's Deus Caritas Est

People Commmenting
Dear Editor,

First, I congratulate you for your admirable site, so rich and combative, so bitter for the revolutionaries within the Holy Church. Then, I would like to share my opinion on the new Pope, who even on conservative Catholic sites has been acclaimed as a restorer.

To date I have not found a serious commentary on the first Apostolic Letter [Deus caritas est] of Pope Benedict XVI. It is true that the press published some foolish remarks like the one praising him because in it he did not approve the unions of homosexuals, etc.

I also noted a certain admiration in anti-Catholic milieus because, unlike his predecessors, he took neither a dogmatic nor teaching approach in his document, but assumed an academic and discursive tone.

They also express admiration that the Sovereign Pontiff quoted Nietzsche and Marx, along with a mild criticism of them, almost an excuse for not saying that they were right.

For me his proposal of a Christian eros is as execrable as the Christian Democracy of Maritain, the acceptable socialism of Paul VI, and the Theology of Liberation of Boff.

As you know, the Nihilist philosophy has regained popularity among youth. I ask myself whether it was opportune or not to quote it without a full condemnation!!

In short, I am very scandalized by this new Pope who presented himself as man who would return the Church to the situation before the Council! I believe he represents a new facet of the Revolution in the Church, that of 'Christian eros.'

I would like to know, if possible, your impression.

     Very cordially,

     C.O., France

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Mr. Guimarães responds:

Dear Mr. C.O.,

Thank you for your amiable words about TIA's work. I appreciate the fact that from France you follow and share the opinions of our website.

I read with interest your intelligent observations and have translated your letter to post it online for our readers. I can agree with you about the progressivist orientation of the present Pope, but cannot offer my impressions on Benedict XVI's first document since I have not yet had time to read it.

I am the one at TIA who reviews official documents like this one, but right now I am in the middle of editing two volumes that should go to press shortly, as well as double-checking a book on the Council that will be published later this year. These works, plus the daily maintenance of our website, have not allowed me the time to study the mentioned document yet in order to give an opinion that would be worthy to read.


     Atila S. Guimarães

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 6, 2006

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