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An Invitation for a Petition on Vatican II

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Dear Brothers in Jesus Christ, and Apostles for the Cause of Holy Tradition,

Pax et bonum! Ave Maria!

Without doubt there is nothing so important today than praying for our Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests, on account of the many, undeniable evils that have come upon the Church on account of the Second Vatican Council and its implementation.

But without doubt also is the fact that Our Lord expects something more of us than merely praying.

I am writing to you because it seems to me, in my limited judgment and from my limited point of view, that there is something that Catholics faithful to Tradition can do this year. It is something that we have not done, and which if done, could conceivably assist in the restoration of the Traditional Catholic Faith in the Church, for which we all long for so much and for which each in our own way, have and are working.

My proposal is this: to attack the snake at its head, by publicly requesting the Holy Father to officially and formally declare that Catholics are not bound to hold or accept the novel teachings of Vatican II.

The proposed means is this: to solicit throughout the world signatures from Catholics for a petition requesting this, and to obtain a very large number, by means of a coordinated multilingual effort. Let us set as a preliminary target 50,000 names.

To send these to the Holy Father and publicly inform the major media outlets in all major Catholic countries of the petition.

Although I readily admit that because of the stonewalling the Modernists have perpetrated all these long years since the Council, that it may not seem to be worth the effort. Nevertheless, I believe a direct attack against the idolatry of Vatican II might get some members of the Hierarchy at least thinking that the Church would be better off not demanding adherence to the Council.

Well, that is my proposal to you all briefly. I believe that such a text would have to be crafted by learned men and be well documented, as well as brief enough for most Catholics to understand.

I also believe that it must be an effort of laymen, because that way it will be more generally understood as a manifestation of the sensus Catholicus, rather than some particular political move by some group of clergy, to which other clergy would object.

     Sincerely in Christ Jesus, for the Glory of His Name,

     Br. Alexis Bugnolo

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TIA responds:

Tradition in Action supports the initiative of Br. Bugnolo, and certainly will be one of its signers, should it become a concrete project. However, at present TIA does not have conditions to lead this petition.

Persons interested in this campaign can contact Br. Bugnolo at

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 10, 2006

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