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Indian Mass in LA & Dishonoring the Flag

Pagan Mass Proof of Revolution in the Church

People Commmenting
Tradition in Action,

Dear Tradition in Action,

Thank you for your informative website. The latest picture of the week ("Indian Mass includes pagan symbols, songs, and blessing") leaves no further doubt in my mind that a revolution has occurred in the Catholic Church.

The following quote by the founder of Opus Dei is particularly appropriate given the despicable nature of this "historic" event... "The devil has a very ugly face, and since he is so clever, he won't risk our seeing his horns. He never makes a direct attack. That is why he so often comes in the disguise of nobleness and even of spirituality!"

Auxiliary Bishop Zavala, who officiated at this bread and circus event, has done grave harm by his actions. He would seem better suited to officiate at the Circus Maximus or perhaps the Circus of Nero (site of the first organized, state-sponsored martyrdoms of Christians) than as the auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles.

     Keep up the good work.

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Ridiculous Clothing Debases Flag
People Commmenting
Dear Dr. Horvat,

When I first glanced at the title of the article, "The Debasement of the Flag and Man," I had thought perhaps it was in reference to the recent defeat of the Flag burning amendment. In my opinion, the claim that we have a "right" to burn the flag is ridiculous. I was still pleasantly surprised at this critique of this overlooked aspect of our culture.

You have brought up an issue that is, in some ways more provocative because of its subtlety. I don't doubt that the people shown in the pictures felt they were expressing their patriotism by wearing such ridiculous wear. Even people that consider themselves conservative might wear such outfits to show support for example, for the troops in Iraq or for enforcement of our immigration laws.

This ties in closely with another form of debasement, in which a flag itself is draped over the body or worn around the head. This also happens among people who consider themselves patriotic and sometimes results in clashes between veterans who are more likely to see the offense and the perpetrators, who may claim it is 'their right' to do so. I have witnessed this first hand from between a woman wearing the flag around her head and an irate ex-Marine that chided her, telling her "it's a flag not a rag". She didn't quite understand and I had to explain to her his point.

I am reminded that comic book super-heroes such as 'Captain America' or even 'Wonder Woman' have the American flag pattern as part of their outfits, and even 'Uncle Sam' himself! This may be something for further exploration: If Uncle Sam himself, the symbol of the United States itself, wears such an outfit, then how does one effectively object to others wearing them?

     Yours truly,

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The Ignorance of Flag Debasers
People Commmenting
Dear Dr. Horvat,

The irony about the flag debasers is that they are ignorant of the meaning of the flag they are debasing. The flag being debased is a flag that should only be used during wartime when Congress (not the President) has declared war.

There is an American Civil Flag of Peace with blue stars on a white field and vertical red and white stripes that should be used when there is no Congressionally declared state of war.


     K.S.K, Ph.D.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 13, 2006

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