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Closing of Churches and Catholic Schools

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Tradition in Action,

Isn't it sad that our once beloved Roman Catholic Church is being reduced to the state that she finds herself in today. Once, magnificent buildings sit empty and decaying while the bishops continue on their merry way as if all is well.

I live in Erie, Pennsylvania and recently discovered a Catholic church located two blocks away from another Catholic church. I pondered the proximity to one another of these two buildings and thought, that they have withstood the fall of the stock market, two World Wars, the ups and downs in the economies since the turn of the twentieth century, they have survived the conflicts which have take men and women across the ocean to foreign lands.

Each had vibrant schools associated with them and nuns who taught the thousands of students which filtered through their halls. The alumni probably new something of the Catholic faith and had some what of an appreciation for its tenants.

Yet, in the years that have followed the Second Vatican Council - "the opening of the windows to let in some fresh air" - she is reduced to as Fr. Congar anticipates, to little groups of people meeting in houses.

Truly there is much which the church will have to answer for because souls are being lost. The Bishop's don't care so long as the social agenda is upheld and they are made to look good. We have Bishops and Priests involved in the most horrific sexual crimes and new accusations are coming forth daily.

This writer believes that the only hope for the salvation of a truly Catholic faith is to become a true traditionalist and leave the rest to God.

Posted August 2, 2006

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