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Favors Granted by Our Lady of Good Success

Smoothing the Way for Academic Courses
People Commmenting
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for your web page about Our Lady of Good Success [click here]. It's interesting to read about the testimonies of what Our Lady is doing for her children and I want to testify to her intervention in my life.

I've had so much problems undertaking academic courses in this country. I was on a pilgrimage last year and I asked Our Lady of Good Success to intercede on my behalf and help me overcome those problems. I must say she did a very splendid job. I was in my final year at the time, undertaking a course in post graduate certificate in education. I successfully completed the course and, thank God, attended the graduation ceremony. I am thankful to Our Lady and will do the best I can to continue to spread her good work.

I am currently looking for a full time job and I believe Our Lady of Good Success will continue what she started with me. I have added your URL to my website to help readers know about her and I pray they will get to know Our Lady of Good Success, just like she predicted, and will meet them at the point of their needs.

     Thanks once again for your good work.

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Healing after Novena
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Dear Marian,

Thank you for sending the Novena card [click here] and the piece of material that was touched to the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success. As you know, I suffered a fall some time ago and ended with a fracture and wound that would not heal.

I so needed the Novena for the 'non-healing' wound from the fall, and when I found 'the cloth' I just broke down, it so touched me. I make the Sign of the Cross with the cloth in its plastic container over the bandaged wound.

After three to four days, I have noticed a slight healing and the drainage seems to have stopped. I fully realize Our Lady has started this healing, and I am so thankful. Our Lady of Good Success is God's blessing to my life.

     Sincerely in Jesus and Mary,

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Prisoner Finds Consolation
People Commmenting
Dear Dr. Horvat,

Well, I just finished the book [Volume II of The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana]. Wow! I do give thanks to you and to our Mother and Lord for your faithfulness. I am so glad you went to the trouble of translating it. I cannot express in words how this book, as well as the others, have impacted me. There is so much wisdom in them.

One for example, is to know your calling and stay there. The Bishop went to Purgatory because he did not remain a religious. If I had Mother Mariana as my High School Counselor, I would not be in prison today [click here for the story].

It is like being in a dark, dark room and the only light one would have is a flashlight. Once the batteries are gone, the light is gone. One will only stumble. Mariana was like a flashlight to so many souls for whom the light went out, and now they weep, as we do today when the Church has changed the religious life because of Vatican II.

I liked the story of Mother Blanca Rosa - I would have been like her and begged to go with Mother Mariana when she died. Without light we are doomed.

I am a pure example of this. How I will get out of the mess I got myself into I do not know. But Our Lady of Good Success is still a light in the storm. My ship has sunk and only her prayers may give an answer for me and I will float again. I deserved Hell, but I ask for mercy and may it please Her I get a second chance.

So thank you, Dr. Horvat, for being faithful and sharing her story with me.

     Yours in Jesus and Mary,

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Contemplative Life
People Commmenting
Dear Marian,

Thanks a million for the copy of the new book on Our Lady of Good Success. It is a tremendous book, full of spiritual wisdom. After reading it, I finally understand clearly how important Convents and Monasteries are for the health of a country.

     May God Bless and Our Lady of Mount Carmel perfect you!

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Symbolism of the Lost Statue
People Commmenting

I just read most of the story of Our Lady of Good Success and I am overwhelmed, amazed, astounded. I think the fact that it is a copy of the Child Jesus [the original one made by the Archangels has been lost but there is a prophecy that it will be found during the restoration of the Church] demonstrates the fact of today's Church, that it is not the original Church, but that it will recover as promised.

I will try to help promote this message. Your books are marvelous.

Thank God for truly traditional Catholics who are working so hard to defend the faith.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 6, 2006

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