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The Manual of Civility Receives
A Warm Welcome

Still Learning...
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I have so much enjoyed learning about correct deportment, courtesy and Catholic manners. I am really benefiting from the new series from The Manual of Civility.

At 40, it is sad that I am just now learning, and I will do my best to pass this learning on to my four sons.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

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Gracious Manners
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Dear Dr. Horvat,

A few years ago, an American Catholic magazine had an article on manners. They said that gracious manners were considered a sign of sanctifying grace in Catholic Europe.

As for dress, as you know, we are all obliged to be devout to be Our Lady and her Divine Son. It strikes me that Queens and Kings expect their courtiers to be at least neatly dressed with clean and modest clothing. It also strikes me that they would be displeased by the slobs lurking about today.

Also, I appreciate your articles on history. Last December I stayed in a youth hostel. It was distressing to meet young people from Spain, Mexico, and Italy who had no knowledge of the wonderful and miraculous events that had taken place in their native countries.


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Watching for the Next Chapters
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Dear Dr. Horvat,

Thanks for posting the new series on manners geared for young men. We need something like this. There is the mistaken idea here in the United States that manners are more for women than men. Clearly not! The Civility Manual is great so far - and I am eagerly watching for the next chapters.

     Keep up the good work.

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Contemplative Life
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How may I obtain this book in English? Dr. Horvat's article from the Manual of Civility subject really hit the nail on the head about the disgusting manners being tolerated by parents and teachers these days. Such a manual should be included in a school's curriculum.

How may I obtain this book in English? I would appreciate knowing where to obtain similar works on good Catholic manners, something quite lacking even among traditional families.


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Dr. Horvat replies:

Dear S.M.,

I am glad you are finding value in the reading of The Small Manual of Civility. Keep watching our site; we are posting a new chapter every several weeks.

Marian Horvat

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 27, 2006

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