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Protest against Feminism in the Church

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Dear TIA,

Below are articles that can be accessed in the latest edition of the more than 1000-year-old weekly Catholic journal called The Examiner, of the Bombay Archdiocese [in India]. The Examiner is typically Novus Ordo. I read part of these articles on the position of women. This is the bad and wrong information and introduction that our very own religious and lay scholars give to the world. I recollect years back another sister said she found greater peace meditating in a Hindu shrine or monastery!

Towards a Gender Sensitive Church
Dr. Pauline Chakkalakal, DSP

The Genius of Women
Astrid Lobo Gajiwala

From the introduction [of the first article] it seems the Church has been gender-insensitive and there is no gender justice in the Church. Gender roles are man-made; not of Divine origin!

It seems that women in the Church were never fully conscious of their human dignity and that the Catholic Church had not already acknowledged the rightful dignity and capabilities of women.

According to these authors:
  • The Church never had an authentic position on women earlier.

  • The Church's teaching on women is constantly evolving.

  • The participation of women in public life is a sign of the times!

  • The strict role of woman as mother can hamper the legitimate social progress of women.

  • In the Catholic Church, the vocation of women has not yet been acknowledged in its fullness.

  • God has not yet given women in the world the influence, effect and power that they truly deserve.
If only they could understand that the Catholic Faith alone has given women the true dignity they deserve. Christ alone has raised the sanctity of marriage to a Sacrament.

I must add that I do not have internet access to the whole articles. God alone can save us from all this non-sense that is being passed off as Catholic. The attitude is very typical of the Novus Ordo: The Catholic Church is in evolution and has not already attained the perfection and fullness given to it from the very begining.

While I hang on with the difficult if not impossible task of trying to reconcile the visibility of the Catholic Church with the primacy of jurisdiction due to the Pontiff and material heresy of the entire hierarchy; I do sympathize with the grievances of all dissenters.

N.R., Goa, India

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 8, 2007

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