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Communism in Latin America

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In May of 2005 Brazil hosted a summit meeting for Latin American States that are "rapidly becoming red" and Arab States. Thirty-four nations were in attendance, all of them hostile to the United States. The meeting ended with the formation of an "economic and political alliance" (1), a fact so foreboding it pales before every international pact in history bar none. In reflecting on this debacle, the apocalyptic vision of St. John comes into frightening relief.

"And the sixth angel sounded the trumpet: and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before the eyes of God. Saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet: Loose the four angels who are bound in the great river Euphrates. And the four angels were loosed, who were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year: for to kill the third part of men. And the number of the army of horsemen was twenty thousand times ten thousand" (Apoc 9:13-16).

A renowned scholar on the Apocalypse made a statement about this tract, that is alive with prescience.

"The release of these four evil spirits may precede a resurgence of Mohommendanism and may lead its religionists to unite with communists in a holy war against all nations who will not join them or submit to their domination...Their bloody task is to kill a third of the human race, perhaps the good as well as the wicked... St. John abruptly gives the number of killers appearing in the vision, which is 200,000,000 horsemen. The revelation seems to startle the Seer so much that he forgets to connect this verse with the foregoing and leaves out all conjunctive particles or phrases. The number exceeds the population of the whole Roman Empire of his time" (2).

The figure of two hundred million fits like a glove on an army put together by communist and Islamic nations, a most formidable alliance, especially when one considers their weapon of choice. The AK-47 assault rifle was born and raised in Russia, and figures in with Our Lady's words of July 13th, 1917, that unless Russia is consecrated, it "will spread its errors throughout the world, promoting wars and persecutions of the Church."

The AK-47 has strategic importance. It was the brainchild of Mikhail Kalashnikov, a 22-year-old soldier assigned to a tank company. After being wounded and disabled in a battle with Hitler's troops in 1941, he sought to make a weapon that would insure that his mother Russia always had the best. AK stands for Automatic Kalashnikov, and 47 for the year production began in 1947. Rifles are tactical weapons by their nature, but how, one may ask, can it be considered to have strategic importance?

At least 50 legitimate governments use the AK. In addition, it is used globally by international terrorists, drug cartels, communist guerrilla groups, tribes in Africa and elsewhere. It presently kills 250,000 people a year, and is by far the best small-arms rifle ever developed, and borders on being magical. Because of its simplicity and loose tolerance, it can be left for a year in the mud, with a kick on the bolt making it immediately operable, spewing out 600 rounds a minute. It takes a single hour of training to become a deadly warrior with the rifle. In the war between Liberia and Sierra Leone, children between the age of 7 and 14, who made up the majority of combatants, used the AK, and more than 11,000 children soldiers have been fighting in Columbia's conflicts, with the AK also the favorite there. In Africa and elsewhere, tribes can take over governments because of the AK.

The communists in the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact nations flooded the earth with AKs, and these nations "built military and political doctrine around it...By the late 1950s, the Soviet Union was employing the AK as a key component of its strategy to spread Communism throughout the world." The drug-dealing guerrillas in South and Central America have the advantage over whole governments because of the AK. There are 100 million of them out there, and in some places an AK can be purchased for less than the price of a live chicken (3). All this takes on a foreboding air when two facts are presented.

All the 34 countries mentioned above have AKs by the millions. Because of the war in Iraq, the United States is virtually alone. Add to this the last elections, which brought to Washington a Democratically-led Congress that will do nothing to strengthen our country's defense. Worse, we have people who no longer believe in the need for protection. For example, Congressman Jerrold Nadler from New York believes that prohibiting gun confiscation in America is "insane" (4).

This statement is more than irresponsible, it smacks of a mentality like Abraham Lincoln's, who sent 650,000 Americans to their deaths only to protect central power in the union. It wasn't slavery, Lincoln's own words prove this: "My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union and it is not either to save or destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it" (5). If confiscation of individual weapons in this country were to be implemened, we would see much worse than the slaughter engineered by Lincoln. In the first place it would cause another civil war, and in the second place it would leave individuals defenseless against the millions of AKs that can be turned against us, when the political talk of those 34 nations turns to military action. God obliges us to defend body and soul, the soul by prayer and the Sacraments, and the body with weapons.

When the high council in Jerusalem sent the troops to apprehend Jesus, members of the Sanhedrin only carried staves, but the others had swords. When Peter slashed the one who was about to take Jesus in custody, Our Lord told him to put up his sword. Note that he didn't tell him to throw it away. Jesus knew deadly weapons are a necessary item because of original sin. The modern Cartesian mentality just can't deal with the legitimate defense of body and soul. One of the greatest Marian saints ever to live, St. Bernard, when he was preaching the Second Crusade, said, "Maledictus qui prohibit gladium suum a sanguine." Cursed be he who fails to bloody his sword. Interestingly, Dante chose St. Bernard to lead him to the beatific vision in Paradiso.

Insanity is sweeping our country, because people by the millions believe as Jerrold Nadler and Abe Lincoln did. They care only about a demented utopianism, and are oblivious to the threats against our country and its people. Like John Paul II and Benedict XVI with the Moslems, they want to hold hands with evil. They live in a collective arena of thought that doesn't think, of reason not secured by grace.

Sister Lucy told the famous writer on Fatima, William Thomas Walsh, that if Our Lady's directions weren't followed, every country in the world "without exception" would become Communist (6). Islam has teamed up with Communism, this is as clear as crystalline water from the May 2005 meeting in Brazil. Russia has spread her errors, including the AK, the product of a mind wanting Russia to have the best small-arms rifle ever produced. If left to the Congress in America, down the road we can expect less national defense, and more calls for domestic gun confiscation.

In the end Our Lady's Immaculate Heart will triumph. What will happen between now and then is becoming increasingly clear. The only thing that can change the direction in America is for the Church Militant to arise out of the smelly swamp of Vatican II, and join the remnant in its counter-revolutionary march to do her bidding. The more who join, the more grace Our Lady will give.

1. "Arabs make new friends in Brazil," Steve Kingstone, BBC News, Brasilla, May 11, 2005, cf. Atila S. Guimaraes, 'War and Peace in Perspective,' TIA website, January 17, 2006.
2. Herman Bernard F. Leonard Kramer, The Book of Destiny - An Open Statement of the Authentic and Inspired Prophecies of the Old and New Testament, Rockford,Il.: TAN, 1955, pp. 227, 228.
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4. American Rifleman, February 2007, p. 16. 5. "Rebels in Rome," Philip Gerard Johnson, The Remnant, January 15, 2007, p. 1, apud Michael J. Matt, letter by Abraham Lincoln to Horace Greeley of August 22, 1862.
6. Our Lady of Fatima, William Thomas Walsh, NY: Image, 1947, p. 221.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 12, 2007

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