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True Catholics, True Christians

People Commmenting
Dear TIA,

A question was posed under the heading: Readers Agree: Don't Call Protestants Christians. A reader asked what traditional Catholics should call the likes of Cardinal Mahony or John Kerry and all those baptized Catholics who subsequently accept errors proposed during the Second Vatican Council. If you will permit me, I would like to say this is the wrong question. Rather, we might better ask: What should we be calling ourselves? Pope St. Pius X gave us a pearl when he warned us that due to enemies attacking from within the Church "...the security of the Catholic name is at stake." (Pascendi, par 3.)

The common reference to "traditional" Catholics contains within it the admission that there can be some other type of Catholic. This admission, of course, is false. The marks of the Church as specified in our Nicene Creed are four: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. There are no other Catholics, there are no other Christians, and there is no other Church. St. John instructs us, those disciples who rejected the Holy Mystery, His Most Blessed Sacrament, "...went back and walked with Him no more." (John 6:67). Those "Catholics" who voluntarily adhere to condemned errors are no more Catholic than any baptized Protestant. Likewise, those "clergy" who publicly profess condemned errors are no less heretical than any baptized Protestant.

Catholics recognize God alone as judge of hearts, but it is we Catholics who are duty-bound to uphold and defend God's Church on earth. It was the Catholics of the mid-twentieth century who relinquished Catholic property. Will it be the few remaining Catholics of today that relinquish the Catholic name? God forbid!

History names her heretics - Arians, Iconoclasts, Lutherans, Old Catholics - because Catholics act in the present. Catholics are Tradition in action. We are not "traditionalists". We are Catholics. We are Christians of the True Faith. Let us rouse ourselves and ask the assistance of Pope St. Pius X, for it was he who warned us. The Catholic name is at stake.

     Tolle causam!

     Dr. P.D.
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Just Over-Intellectualized...
People Commmenting
Dear TIA

In regards to JPII and his remarks on animism being a less complex belief system than some other religions and having in common with Christianity certain fundamental abstracts, yes, it can be taken badly.

But I wonder if JPII (and BXVI) are really promoting disorder of ideology. When I read such ambiguous statements of the two Popes, both brilliantly educated men, only one conclusion occurs to me. They are over-intellectualizing.

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Constant Badger
People Commmenting
Hello TIA,

Regarding your article on Dulles, I think an email-protest to him about his progressivist orientation and heresies is in order.

We can all sign up on line if you could arrange it.

These scoundrels get away with this because there is no one challenging them.

Not one or two but there should be thousands of the traditional RCs [resistant Catholics] around to sign the protest on line.

If we begin badgering them constantly maybe they will retract ...

     Just an idea...

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Easy Copy
People Commmenting
Dear TIA,

You have a wonderful website, but you've neglected to include a feature that would be of great benefit to your organization and to those who access your website. What you have failed to include is an email feature that would enable users to email articles/files on your site to their friends and relatives who would benefit from reading them. Many news media sites have this feature, which enables me to email articles of interest to everyone on my email list.

     Keep up the good work!


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TIA responds:

Dear M.L.,

Thank you for your suggestion. Some time ago, we thought of adding this feature and we asked a specialist who responded that to have this option, each page of our website would have to be re-copied in a different format: one in the normal page format and another for an easy print or e-mail to friends.

Since our website is no longer a small one, we have many thousands of pages to be re-worked, at the moment is out of the question given the small number of our staff.

However, our readers do have several options:
  • They can simply print the pages they want - we altered the width margins of the pages to allow this option;

  • They can forward a page to a friend by simply going to the top of the page, selecting and copying the URL address. Then, pasting the address into their e-mail and sending it to their friends. For example: http://www.traditioninaction.org/Questions/B000_WhatPeopleAreCommenting.htm

  • An even simpler way to send a page if they are using Internet Explorer is to click on the Page box at the top of the page, then choose the command Send Page by E-mail.
We are sorry we are not able at this time to implement your good suggestion.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
Follow us

Posted March 16, 2007

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