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Limbo and Lobby

Pope against Popes
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To you all,

Benedict XVI threw out Limbo with the bathwater.

So the traditional form of Baptisms is not longer necessary for salvation in the modernist mind of the Novus Ordo Hierarchy - people call Benedict XVI a conservative - Wow! You can just make new teaching up as you go.

The Church may have debated the teaching of Limbo over the years (to the degree in which an unbaptized infant soul would suffer or not suffer) but never that there was no Limbo, as Benedict XVI is claiming.

In the past the Church has taught very clearly on Limbo and what happens to the unbaptized.

The teaching of St. Augustine on the fate of unbaptized infants was codified at the XVI Council of Carthage in 418, the Council of Lyons II in 1274, and at the Council of Florence in 1438-1445. The teaching of these Councils is considered to be infallible by Catholic theologians because of the degree of authority given to them by Popes.

The canons of the Council of Carthage XVI (418) were composed by Augustine and were infallibly approved as a rule of faith by Popes Innocent I and Zosimus I.

Why fight abortion then, if unbatized infants are going to Heaven? You are doing God a favor to abort your kid. It follows logic!! Why take the chance for a child to come in the world and lose its soul? So aborting, you are doing a good thing. Isn't the ultimate goal to get all souls to Heaven?


Didn't know? Check these articles;

Catholic Church Buries Limbo after Centuries

Pope Revises 'Limbo,' Says There Is Hope for Unbaptized Babies

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Let's Lobby Them
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

A suggestion that Tradition In Action assign a place on your website with the email addresses of the Princes of the Church in order that the faithful may more easily express objections to the outrages occurring within the Church while the shepherds watch and do not act.

Is it not our obligation to object rather than merely critique?

Following here are the email addresses for Pope Benedict XVI and The Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith. benedictxvi@vatican.va and cdf@cfaith.va.

Both were found, although not easily, on the Vatican's own website and are probably general mail-box addresses. But it suffices.

More efficacious still, if all Cardinals & Bishops direct emails were made available to your readership.

If the faithful storm the gates in sufficient numbers, Rome will better know the distress of their flocks.

     Thank you for your consideration of this.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 26, 2007

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