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Oasis in the Desert

Too Dirty
People Commmenting
Dear Editor,

Regarding your article on John Paul II's death, I was trying to reinterpret my mom's remarks about the deceased Pope's disease which led to his ultimate death. She is a Polish born woman. And she has got no qualms about saying both that the Pope was not cared for adequately at the clinic. And that he died above all of age. She says that the fact that he had been wounded in an attempt on his life earlier could not have a big influence on his end since he had survived the shooting after being treated for it.

The septic shock is a result of a catheter of some sort (a tube) which he got during the tracheotomy for example. Or to ease urination. This is blood poisoning. But his blood must have been poisoned (with too many germs) after his urine was poisoned in the same way. The problem started in his urine.

Finally (I think) that the pope must have simply been too dirty since he got the infection; (poisoning by germs).

Conclusively not antiseptic enough. Not scrubbed. It is the problem with the average cleanliness of any clinic.

I hope I got it right, I am not a doctor myself.

     M.A., Canada
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One More Piece of Evidence
People Commmenting

Dominus vobiscum,

I just finished reading the article entitled A Conversion? Near the end the author (Mr. Guimaraes) says:

"There is the desire to make faithful Catholics swallow this strange notion of 'Church of Christ.' I do not have evidence to affirm with certainty whether this last hypothesis is true or not."

Well, I think some of the evidence is manifesting itself (here in Windsor ON) where most all of the Roman Catholic Parishes have removed the name Catholic and now have large signs indicating that they are "Faith Communities". (Example: St. Gabriel's Faith Community.) I have said for sometime that they are Roman "Protestant" churches. Now they are beginning to admit to such.

     Ad Jesum per Mariam,

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Manual of Civility in English
People Commmenting
Dear Dr. Horvat,

Can you tell me if the Small Manual of Civility can be purchased?

I love your articles. It is nice to know there is at least someone else who sees the decline in dress (especially the now prevalent unisex dressing), manners, posture, etiquette, language and lack of class and grace in our society. Thank you so much for your articles on these topics.



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Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear Mr. D.B.

Thank you for your encouraging words. The Small Manual of Civility, as far as I know, does not exist in English. I am posting the chapters as I translate them. In the future I intend to publish the translated work, and you will be notified about it if your name is on the TIA mailing list.


     Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.

P.S.: This question was answered in 2007; in 2008, Dr. Horvat translated and edited the Small Manual of Civility, and published it under the title Catholic Manual of Civility. Click here to order and learn more about this book.
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Inquiry from England
People Commmenting
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am in the process of conducting some research for a feature that I am to write, and would like to request your help please.

The article is titled 'The Modern Gentleman: A Dated Concept or Valued Breed?', and will concern the possible decline of manners and morals in today's society. The article is part of my journalism project at the University of Leeds, England.

If possible, either some information/opinions regarding this subject on behalf of your organization would be gratefully received. The questions that I am trying to answer include whether good manners and morals are in decline, how important manners and morals are, and what can be done to sustain good manners and morals in today's society.

Any contributions would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for your time.



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TIA responds:

Dear. Mr. B.W.,

We hope that the material offered to the public in our Cultural Page can be of help for your research.

When your article will be ready we would appreciate receiving a copy of it. Perhaps it could be of interest for our audience as well.


     TIA correspondence desk

P.S.: This question was answered in 2007; since then, we have published a series of articles on the necktie with a history and explanation of its symbolism. We also recommend this series for those interested in forming counter-revolutionary gentlemen, click here to read the first article in the series.
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Oasis in the Desert
People Commmenting

I have been reading your website for the past several weeks, and congratulate you on such an oasis in the mess we are all currently in with the present crisis in our Church and Papacy.

I have been appalled with the terrible things I see and hear in my local parish, and since the sexual abuse revelations to boot, I have stopped going to my neighborhood parish. The songs, prayers, slogans and logos that have been used are all so humanistic, for instance a good one is "I Myself Am the Bread of Life." I thought Jesus was the bread of life, or has JPII changed that too? Come to think of it that might be a good slogan for the traditionalist movement when referring to our precious traditions that have been ransacked over the past 40 years, "JPII, Changed That Too!"

Today I read a real shocker on your website, and I am more sickened than ever, (if that is possible). Now we are going to have a change in the Papacy to a democratically elected President-Pope, and reforms to the Papacy.

I was a Protestant, I became a Catholic of my own choice 35 years ago. It seems I just cannot get rid of wishy-washy Protestantism. I changed for a reason, not to experience warmed over Protestant ideas and radicalism. I wanted the unchanging Church of the Apostles. Well, I got Woodstock, and worse. Your pictures on the "inculturalized Masses" with naked women on the altar, JPII kissing everything from feet to the Koran, it is disgusting.

I truly loved JPII, I was in tears of joy the day of his election. Like many of us, we truly loved and trusted him as "Mary's Pope" the true man of God. Now we see him for what he was, and what has been all along and there is probably not too much we can do about it. What do you suggest? What if all traditional Catholics just stopped going to the Novus Ordo, stopped giving money to this insanity. What if the new President-Pope, and his liason of homosexual Prelates had no people in the churches and the coffers were empty? It sounds radical...

What would you suggest? How can we overcome this? If this is not evil and the Anti-Christ, I cannot conceive of anything worse and against Jesus than this. Jesus Christ will overcome this, prayer can do wonders we know.

How many of us REALLY pray about this? It is well-documented that John XXIII was a Mason, and honored by the Italian Masons at his death. Bella Dodd, the well-known former Communist, stated that she personally placed hundreds of young communist radicals in seminaries in the 40's and 50's. Both the Masonic order and several Communist governments have praised and honored John XXIII, as well as Paul VI, and JPII. Masonic defectors have stated that many high ranking Masons are in the Roman Curia at this moment. What else could one expect than to have this horrible mess on our hands?


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 30, 2007

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