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Muslim Symbol at the Offertory,
Temperaments & Karl Rahner

Muslim Symbol at the Offertory
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I forgot if I sent you these 3 images. They show the offerings brought to the altar, when the last Bishop of the Diocese of Evreux (France) left the Diocese. You can see a Muslim flag, with the statement of faith of the Islam. In the presence of numerous Bishops!

It seems to me that these images are an obvious sign of apostasy!

The former Bishop who celebrated his departure was the "Father David", the first successor of the well-known bishop Jacques GAILLOT discharged in 1995. The Bishop of this Diocese of Evreux is today the "Father NOURRICHARD".

We can notice during this "feast of the People of God" (sic) the presence of numerous Bishops! The first photograph shows the altar and in front of him, the ensemble of the gifts brought during the Offertory. The second shows the gifts, the third is a Moslem statement of faith brought during the liturgy!

     Oremus pro invicem!

     L.F., France

The Muslim style Offertory at Evreux

Muslim Offertory giftst         The Muslim text on the offertory gift

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Four Temperaments
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Dear TIA,

I am writing to express my gratitude for the Four Temperaments tape. It has been very informative, and the knowledge has helped me in understanding my weaknesses.

I am a convert to the Catholic Faith, and while it has often been said that converts are the most passionate about the faith, I have been inconstant in my practice. One moment, I can be inflamed for the faith, and the next moment be agnostic. After so many on again, off again cycles, I had become despondent and thinking that I must not really believe, thinking that if I had really believed, that I would be more constant.

Upon reflection on the material on the tape, I realized that these tendencies are inherent to who I am. It shed some light as to the nature of these flaws and helped me to understand myself and other people. I only wish I had grown up with this knowledge!

Please do keep up the good work, as you have often brought to light many principles that have been forgotten and are not easily researched.

     Yours in Christ,

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Pro-Homosexual Protest
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In the review 'Rewriting History to Serve the Gay Agenda', Dr. Horvat completely fails to take into account that the Liturgy of Saints Serge and Bacchus was allowed only for two people who were not married. The title in English has been translated as 'Liturgy for the Union of Two Monks': Monachos being Greek for someone who is not married.

As far as rewriting history to serve the gay agenda goes, her review can more accurately be described as 'Rewriting history to serve the anti-gay agenda'. The 'gay agenda' is simply a scare phrase - some people seem to be afraid of equal rights for all people.

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Prayers Requested
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If I were to email a petition for a prayer request, where and what email address should I send it?

Please respond.



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TIA responds:


We are already praying for your intention. But if you want to specify your needs publicly, you may send your request to us and we will pass it on to our readers so that they may pray for you as well.


     TIA correspondent desk

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Useful Website
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Thank you so very much for this most informative and useful site.

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An interesting take on the matrix. I disagree, but interesting none the less.

     Thank you.


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Pants in the Rain
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What's the matter with you? Letizia is wearing a pantsuit!


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TIA responds:


It is not clear to us in the picture whether she is wearing trousers or not. But if she were, should we advise men to leave a woman to be soaked by the rain when she is wearing pants? Especially when the woman is one's wife?

You seem to have a quite curious notion of courtesy.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Standing on the Crescent
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Dear Sir,

Andrea Doria had a copy of Our Lady of Guadalupe [at the Battle of Lepanto]. She is standing on the Crescent.

Our Lady will be victorious.

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Funds for the Collection on Vatican II
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Dear Mr. Guimaraes,

I just started reading your collection a few months ago. I have read Volumes I [In the Murky Waters of Vatican II] & IV [Animus Delendi I] and am halfway through Volume V [Animus Delendi II]. I think the books are very good but it seems to me that there is currently lacking a person index.

For instance if I try to look up where Karl Rahner is mentioned in your volumes I cant find him in the index, but only in the bibliography. I have no doubt the bibliography is superb for academics, but I suspect the majority of your readers will have neither the time nor inclination (assuming they are Traditionalists) to read his original works.

What would be very useful would be if one could look up all the entries that refer to him in your volumes. In other words, the current Index for your volumes is a subject index, but I think the volumes also need an "Index of Persons."

As the number of volumes increases, the need will seem to increase for a general index (both subject and person) for all the volumes. Perhaps the best place to publish this would be on your TIA internet site.

To do this would probably increase the sales of your books. This is because people searching the internet for obscure subjects related to Novus Ordo (for example "kenosis" and "Tribalism") would find the subject index for your volumes and might be interested to buy at least one of the relevant volumes. Whereas, at the moment, such a search will not find your website, nor would the searcher have a clue that these subjects are covered in your volumes.

Here is why I am interested in re-reading your sections mentioning Karl Rahner: I have recently purchased "Denzinger" (translated from 30th edition edited by Karl Rahner, SJ). I assume this is the equivalent of your Bibliographical Abbreviation "DR".

I would like to know if this is the same Karl Rahner who apparently had such a destructive influence on the Church especially at Vatican II (e.g. Vol 1 Chapter IV section 5)? If it is the same person then can we be sure that the changes he presumably made from earlier editions are safe?

Here is why I am interested in increasing the sales of your books: I assume that one reason it takes so long for each volume to be published is that you need to wait for the previous volume to make enough income to pay for publishing the next one?

Having seen the value of your currently published volumes, I think it would be good for the rest of them to be published as soon as practically possible. But at the current rate of publication it might be something like 2018 before the whole set is published. But 2018 is probably too late.

I can think of two "simple" ways of potentially speeding up publication by providing more funds.

1. More inexpensive publicity (such as by publishing an online index as suggested above).

2. Ask a wealthy Traditionalist (Mel Gibson perhaps) for supporting funds.

     Yours faithfully


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The Editor responds:

Dear Mr. D.M.E.,

I thank you for your consideration regarding my books and for your suggestions. Like you, I imagined that the publication of the entire collection would be faster, and consequently I planned to publish at the end a special volume with indexes, which would include the index of authors you suggested. As a matter of fact, in 10 years we published only 4 volumes: a slow speed, indeed.

Given this delay, we decide to publish the remaining volumes with Word Indexes that include persons and topics. Last year we launched volume VI [Will He Find Faith?], which has this index. The third edition of In the Murky Waters of Vatican II, hot from the press, also has this index. So will the next volumes or reprints of the Collection.

You are also right to surmise that it is a real battle to put each one of these books out. Financial support is an important factor, although not the only one. We have very few people to help and very little spare time for the books.

However, if more donors would generously open their wallets, certainly we could hire more persons to do some of the work we are doing now, and more time would open for us to prepare the next volumes to go to press.

We do what we can, begging Our Lady to do the rest. We ask your prayers for this intention.

In response to your question about Rahner: Yes, the theologian who updated the collection by Denzinger was Karl Rahner, the same progressivist thinker who collaborated in many documents of Vatican II. Here is the time frame for how the the original Denzinger and its updates were issued:

Denzinger (D): published in 1854;
Denzinger-Banwart (DB): the previous work updated by Clemens Banwart with documents of the Magisterium up to 1921;
Denzinger-Rahner (DR): updated by Karl Rahner up to 1954;
Denzinger-Schonmetzer (DS): updated by Adolph Schonmetzer up to 1965.


     Atila S. Guimar√£es

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 22, 2008

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