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Apostasy, Visit to the Synagogue &
Warm Support

Is this Really the Catholic Church?
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Dear TIA,

You have a fantastic website, one that I follow daily and certainly learn much from. Much of what I have learned about the Conciliar Church, I have learned from you and other like minded lovers of our Catholic faith.

I have a question. On your latest piece about the Pope's visit to the synagogue in NYC, you mention that it is part of the apostasy. Clearly, the Pope is part of this apostasy so does that invalidate his papacy? In another excellent article of yours you wrote about the refusal of the Vatican to accept 400,000 Anglicans to the Church. Your comment was something about, "Is this really the Catholic Church." The implication was that you think it may be a false church set up to look like the real one.

I am sincerely searching for the truth. My faith is everything to me and my heart aches for my Church when I see what has happened to it and what is still happening to it. At what point does it become obvious that the Pope and Bishops are no friends of the faith and clearly can't claim our support? Do you struggle with these feelings, or do you have serious doubts about the legitimacy of the current Church and leadership. I know these are not easy questions and certainly there are no easy answers.

Any help you can give me with these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

I will continue to support you with my money and prayers and look forward to more excellent and insightful commentaries from TIA.

     In Christ and Mary,


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TIA responds:

Dear Mr. S.C.,

Thank you for your support and consideration.

We admit that someone can have doubts about whether what appears of this ecclesiastical structure is still the Catholic Church. Progressivism is certainly the opposite of the Catholic Church, and it has been taking over the Church for the last 40 years. Sometimes the Church appears so completely Progressivist that we have to search to find where her Catholicity still lives. So, how can we explain that we do not declare this structure rotten and separate ourselves from it?

To understand our position you should compare the Mystical Body of Christ today with His actual Body during the Passion. Along the path of crucifixion, He was looked upon as a criminal walking with two bandits. He was so disfigured by wounds from the scourges, blows and thorns, he was so covered by blood, dirt and dust that He was not recognizable. The Holy Ghost Himself had prophesized this, comparing Our Lord to a worm: But I am a worm, and no man: the reproach of men, and the outcast of the people (Ps. 21:7).

So, we admit that in this new Passion of Christ, His Mystical Body may be no longer recognizable. The Catholic Church appears disguised as a Progressivist bandit, her dogmas were falsified, her morals relaxed, her liturgy vilified, her exegesis contaminated, her traditions mocked, her customs abandoned, her majesty dragged in the mud.

Should we abandon her in this passion? Should we inflict new sufferings on her, severing the unity of her flesh and separating ourselves from her? Or should we compassionately follow her in all the stations along her way of the Cross? We chose the latter.

This does not mean that we believe that Holy Mother Church will die. The analogy with the Passion of Christ does not go that far. She will recover and become healthier than ever. She will give God the full glory He deserves to receive from men. Only then, after this era of glory predicted by Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Good Success will be perfectly achieved, will the end of History come.

This is why the heresy of Progressivism and the apostasy of the conciliar Popes is not part of the essence of the Catholic Church; they are the scourges and the crown of thorns in her passion. This is our perspective.

We hope it clarifies your doubt,


     TIA correspondence desk

P.S. An administrative detail: Your name appears neither in our data base nor in the list of those who have made donations. We would like to correct any possible mistake on our part.

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Pope Ratzinger or Rabbi Ratzinger?
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Dear TIA,

In visiting New York's Park East synagogue, as in so many similar visits to non-Catholic venues by Benedict, JPII, and Paul VI, Mr. Ratzinger has clearly told Catholics that there is no need for the Catholic Church. Therefore there is no need for an Earthly Head of the Church.

Therefore, I suggest that Mr. Ratzinger stop playing this game and resign from the unnecessary position he claims to hold. Or perhaps he could become a rabbi.

     Deus vult,

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We Should Resist Benedict XVI
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Dear TIA,

Thanks for a most helpful site, one that never fears to say what should be said.

Thanks especially for the article of Margaret Galitzin on Where is the Catholic Resistance. Ive been wondering that myself for the last months, as traditionalists are burning incense before the present Pope Benedict XVI, ignoring the fact he continues to move the progressivist agenda forward. Maybe I am missing something, but hasnt he publicly stated over and over that Vatican II is good and the way of the future, there is no turning back, and so on.

One thing that Mrs. Galitzin did miss in her great article was a recent addendum to the Benedicts agenda during his coming visit to the US. I dont think it should be ignored. I know TIA largely stayed out of the Good Friday prayer fracas among traditionalists wise move, by the way but this piece of news helps put the controversy into perspective, in my opinion.

It seems that Benedict has added a visit to his busy program in the US: he will visit at Park East Synagogue in the US during the Passover celebrations; it is the third visit by any Pope to a synagogue in the History of the Church, and his second visit to a synagogue as Pontiff. He says he wants to express his good will toward the Jewish community as they prepare for Passover.

So, in addition to the meeting with Jewish leaders and others for April 17 in Washington, we now have a separate visit to a New York Synagogue the next day. Of course, Benedict will also address the U.N. the morning of April 18. Really a full day of triumph for Vatican II ecumenism and religious liberty

Well, thought Id at least let traditionalist Catholics know about it, since they arent getting much bad news anymore from traditionalist and conservative good news papers and sites

Seems to me instead of the greeting and thank you for the motu proprio committees and messages theyll be sending, they should be staging some protests against these acts that go against the constant teaching of the Church.

Again, thanks for having the courage to speak out and keep up the resistance.

     God bless you, Mary keep you,


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TIA responds:

Dear Mr. G.V.,

Because of so much correspondence, we only now can post your letter. Even if the events you mentioned have already taken place, it seems to us that your comments are still timely.

Thank you for your kind words regarding our work, they are encouraging.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Politically Correct Masses
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I must say, that this is one of the most enlightening Catholic websites I have come across. Your articles are honest and straightforward, and unlike many so-called Catholic sites, you really try to encourage the faithful to steer away from the hazardous Novus Ordo affairs (masses).

Theres not much I can say which you haven't written about regarding the current state of our once beautiful Church; unfortunately, things are looking bleak. Many parish priests have lost their faith completely, and are taking marching orders from their Vatican superiors, who seem to be swept up in secularizing our faith.

Many parishes are no longer concerned about celebrating the mass in the manner in which our dear Lord taught us. Instead, they are selling a politically correct version of the faith, through the liberal lenses of mainstream culture. I pray for the day when our Holy Father in Rome professes his faith and starts to set the example for the rest of the world in returning to the one true Catholic Faith!

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North Star of Catholicism
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Dear TIA,

Ive enclosed a gift of $25.

Thank you for your excellent website. In my opinion, your site Tradition in Action is the north-star of true Catholicism.

The Lord be with you! (Dominus tecum!)

     In Jesus and Mary,

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Meaning of Your Motto
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Love the site. Thank you.

I wonder what the French motto La plue belle adventure du monde c'est notre actually means. The translation - The most beautiful adventure in the world is ours - doesn't make much sense.

     Best regards,


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TIA responds:

Mr. P.D.,

This was one of the mottos the Knights Templar adopted when they were founded. Catholics had re-conquered the Holy Land. So, the mission of those knights was to defend the Holy Land and the Holy Sepulcher of Our Lord from the Muslims and to make sure they would always remain Catholic. This mission they considered to be the most beautiful adventure of the world. Aventure in French, which we translated by adventure, was understood by the Templars as epopee, great deed and prowess.

TIA is turned to defend Holy Mother Church and Christendom from both the internal attacks of Progressivism and the external attacks of the Revolution and maintain them as Catholic as they always were, or even more so, if possible. Therefore, we thought it appropriate to take that same motto: La plus belle aventure du monde cest la ntre.

We hope that the meaning of the translation is clearer now.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Winds of Heresy
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Hello 'Tradition in Action,'

I've skimmed over your website, and found that you certainly raise some very hefty concerns about the Church as it is today. I find myself in agreement with your concern, as I too think that there is a certain degree of heretical thought in existence about the issue of non-Christians.

For one thing, I don't think I could possibly believe that Our Lady was mourning over the end of the Jewish religion, but over the Jews as human beings I could see her wailing; the problem with the quote in the Fatima book you mention is, if she did indeed say that, that it allows itself to be misinterpreted by new-age spiritual sensibilities that (as you sort of point out) dangerously hold all religious traditions to be one big beautiful equality.

Christ said that those who do not believe in Him will be condemned. Vatican II and its Catechism has said that non-Christians may find salvation 'in ways known to God' (I think implying that we do not understand how they could be saved, maybe at the resurrection or something) if they had not rejected Christ and His Church, and possessed no knowledge of either through no fault of their own. I am not in disagreement with this teaching, although I do find myself in disagreement by the way it has been interpreted by some number of Catholics who seem to believe that all faiths in God find salvation. They have to become Christian before they can find salvation (no one goes to the Father but through the Son), and for people who die without the faith but who could have received it, this therefore occurs 'in ways known to God' (to quote the Catechism).

The first letter of John says that the one who denies Jesus is the Messiah is the antichrist, and that the one who denies the Son does not have the Father also. Islam as a religion therefore may be likened to atheism, because it denies the Son and therefore does not have God either. Religions that teach that Jesus is not the Messiah are all anti-Christian according to the letter of John; their membership may not know any better but it is nevertheless a lie which is being taught when we say there is true religion that denies Jesus.

When Christians say that Muslims, or Hindus, or whatever should follow the precepts of their own respective faiths, they are essentially telling them to follow lies; and that is a problem, we should not be doing that. The people of other religions who sincerely fear God and do not know the truth, we sin against when we tell them that their false faiths should be followed.

(many quotes from 1 Corinthians 8:7-13 )

May the Lord help us, bless us and keep us. May He send forth His Holy Spirit and defeat the winds of heresy and guide us all to follow His truth. May He correct us ourselves if needed and when needed, and may He guide all those who are ignorant of His Son, but who would accept Him, to the true faith by which He is pleased. We ask this so far as it is His will, through Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

     God Bless,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 6, 2008

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