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War, Trousers for Women & Beaches

War, Healthy War
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Dear TIA,

Whenever I become bewildered and befuddled by what I hear and see, I reread War, Just War and Catholic Treasures The Apostolic Digest to restore my sanity.

Thank you!

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Pants Are Unflattering and Immodest for Women
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Dear TIA,

Just a note in response to the complaint you posted about wearing skirts and how "cruel" it is to force it on women: I too was "forced" to wear skirts as a girl, by the dress code in my public school. I too felt cold in winter and rejoiced when my school abolished the dress code and allowed girls to wear pants (this happened when I was in the 10th grade). Over the years I became the worst of slobs, culminating in wearing sweatpants most days while home with young children.

One day, about three years ago, under the influence of a skirt-wearing friend, I decided to dress up and wear a skirt to a doctor's appointment. I can't explain why but the feeling of being more feminine that day caused me then and there to regret ever abandoning skirts and dresses, and from that day to this, unless I am working out at a gym, I refuse to wear pants. I guess the realization of how dumpy middle-aged ladies (such as I) can look in pants had something to do with my metanoia [Greek for change of life]! It would seem that if women could take an objective look at ourselves from the rear while wearing pants, most of us would see how unflattering and immodest they are.

What else have I discovered? That a lady can be even warmer in a skirt than in pants during cold winter days. By layering skirts and slips and using proper footwear, I find myself far more comfortable than I was in pants. Skirts don't grab at your waist, and give much more freedom of movement and privacy than slacks. When I think of the years I spent stuffed into ugly, tight, uncomfortable, and masculine pants, I could cry. The color and gracefulness and variety of feminine dresses are to me, like a long-lost home.

By the way, one of Dr. Horvat's comments on skirts, showing Nordic ladies in full skirts on a snowy ski-slope, had much to do with my conversion from pant to skirts. It's another thing that I have to thank you for!

     In Maria,

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Going to the Beach? When?
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Can you consider, if you have not done so already, an article or even maybe a book(let) on whether or not Catholics today can go to a beach, considering the bathing suits or lack there of?

There may be some other reasons why we must (should?) avoid the beach in our day, at least public ones.


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TIA responds:

Mr. S.M.,

We think that your suspicion is right. Beaches should be avoided as long as they are frequented by persons who are immodestly dressed. Catholic prudence regarding occasions of sin bad looks and thoughts must be applied to this case.

However, for a more extensive and profound take on the problem, we are forwarding your request to Fr. Sretenovic to see if he has time to address the topic.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Summa contra Gentiles
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Thanks for the response on the quote from Aquinas in the Summa contra Gentiles. It is a very helpful quote and I appreciate the effort.

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Fr. Margil, Garcia Moreno and Spain
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Hello TIA,

I have viewed your website two times this past week. Very beautifully done. I, too, have prayed to Fr. Antonio Margil and submitted what I believe to be two miracles to the Vice Postulator in Houston, Texas.

I have read the book on the life of President Gabriel Garcia Moreno and am familiar with Our Lady of Good Success. I have just ordered some items from the US HQ's in Wisconsin.

I wanted to request an email update or newsletter if there is one in existence. If not, I will be sure to go to your website and at some time in the future order some very good information to foster the intellectual side that is very familiar with a Catholic.

I did read the section concerning the protest in Spain. This is further proof, as through all of the centuries, the necessity of continuing reminders of defending our faith. I also read about the Knights of St. James (Santiago).


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A Hard Fight to Keep the Faith
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I came across your site and was hoping for your views on a few things. I consider myself a pretty conservative Catholic who attends the Tridentine Mass with my husband and five children. The Novus Ordo Mass just allows too much mediocrity into the Church and offers a very watered down and corrupt Mass. I home-school my children using a traditional Catholic curriculum and their religious instruction comes directly from the Baltimore Catechism. I have belonged to a Catholic home-school support group which always seemed on the conservative side. Well, my family and I had moved out of state (where we had been attending a very solid church) and upon our return many positions seem to have changed. Im having a very difficult time and would really like your side of things.

First, we all had shared the similar view that participating in Halloween was wrong. Now, I am told, that a priest on EWTN said it is ok and in fact, our children should dress as saints and evangelize to the neighbors. What?!! I was a social worker before I chose to stay at home and raise my children, and believe me, Halloween is a pagan and satanic day. I just dont understand. We used to have an All Saints Party and no one went door to door; now, they do both and make excuses for it. Personally, ones soul is a pretty high price to pay for a piece of candy. I wont compromise. Besides, if one feels the conviction of God, no priest should be able to cause him to lose that conviction, should he?

Second, now they promote teen semi-formals. When I asked what happened to all the principles we held dear, I was told that the kids grew up. Well, I dont get it. Their teen semi-formal last year, consisted of 11 yr. old girls through 18 yr. old girls, with boys ranging in age from 13 through 18. While they all argue that their kids are good kids and they accuse me of not trusting our kids, that is just not it. All of the girls were dressed like they were 18+ years old. I wouldnt say they were trashy, but I dont think our little girls should be encouraged and formed to dress and look like women. They were assigned an escort (a boy who was responsible for their wrap, drinks, etc.), the boys were given dance cards, and the whole year led up to this event. Week after week was spent learning how to dance and learning about etiquette.

Yet, when I tried to bring prayer and spiritual formation to the group, I was told, we pray at home. I showed up in the church, week after week to pray the Armata Bianca, and only a few families ever joined. During Lent this year, I offered an Hour of Reparation for the boys/girls...again, only 4 families attended. I was told that it was too difficult for the rest of the families to arrive earlier than the scheduled group gathering hour. However, the next week, they all arrived early to plan this years semi-formal and the week after that to plan the graduation, and another week to have pizza, etc.

So, I find myself alone. How can I belong to a group that clearly does not want or feel they need prayer as a group or formation as a group? I turned to the Parish priest, but nothing was ever addressed. I am at a loss.

Now, I must keep my children home because I fear that too much mediocrity has seeped into the group and I am concerned of the influence on my childrens souls. On the other hand, I am concerned of the effect that loneliness will have on them.

Thank you for your insight. I stand alone and question that perhaps I am not seeing clearly.

     In Christ,


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TIA responds:

Mrs. J.S.,

We appreciate your trust in telling us your problems.

To keep the right Catholic position, as you have done, is almost always difficult. However, we have the divine example of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Lady and the Saints who never feared challenging public opinion in order to uphold and defend the perennial principles of our Holy Faith.

We encourage you to continue your noble fight for these same principles and to form your children accordingly.

Regarding the effect of loneliness on your children, we suggest that you pray to Our Lady of Good Success to help you find another good family (or families) with whom your children can socialize without the danger of being badly influenced.

We are praying for you and recommending you to the prayers of our readers.

We hope this may be of some assistance.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 5, 2008

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