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Zapatero, Anarchical Church & Gill

Zapatero's Record
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Dr. Horvat states, "an editorialist in El Mundo noted that with the promotion of Chacón, the socialist Prime Minister Jose Zapatero had succeeded in entering the Guinness Book of Records for the most ridiculous initiative."

I'm rather skeptical of the quote, and I believe it was made in jest; normally such records are of quantifiable matters. In addition, this announcement would be too late for the 2008 edition and too early for the not yet published 2009 edition.


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Dr. Horvat responds:


In that article, I reproduced the El Mundo editorialist as quoted in the Point de Vue article I referred to in the footnotes. Habitually French writers have verve and liberty in writing, and address more subtle audiences than ours.

I thought it was obvious the editorialist was speaking tongue-in-cheek, since, to my knowledge, there is not a particular entry for most ridiculous initiative in the Guinness Book of World Records.

So, the editorialist was merely saying in a clever, very-French way, "In the world of the absurd, I believe this is the most absurd." Perhaps it was too subtle for some people. Next time, I will try to remember to add a qualifier: "an editorialist noted, tongue-in-cheek, that..."


Marian T. Horvat

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Martinis Anarchical Church
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Dear TIA,

I will respond to your article in Bird's Eye View.

"This is a world in which sensitivity, emotion and the present moment come first. I think we are already in this world that Cardinal Martini describes. I find myself already conditioned for it and living that way without even a thought of its origin.

What have they done to us?! Now how can I escape and proceed toward ascetic and prohibitive morality. Throw out the will and intelligence and what do we have? We have a world that is on the brink of exhibiting grave aberrations legally!

I was looking to monastic life for the reason of saving my soul and others through efficacious sacrifice, penance and prayer. I looked into the strictest groups available, the Trappistines, the Cistercians of the Strict Observance... Presently I run to Our Lady and beg to be under her mantle.

Having the Holy Mass sacrificed in the traditional fashion, along with the other Sacraments, is at this point, the only way I might stay somewhat sane while living in the midst of the great confusion inflicted upon us in the over four decades after Vatican II.

The revolution in Holy Mother Church that the hierarchy has created under various heraldry is so wrong.

I truly desire to be under Jesus' and Mary's banner always and only.

Our Lady of the Way, pray for us. Holy Guardians, guide and protect us.

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It Was Good To Expose Gills Vices
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Greetings, Mr. Odou,

I'm hoping that this email gets to you via TIA (I trust that it will). As a graphic designer and an atheist - who still very much appreciates a Catholic upbringing and the innumerable benefits of our Christian Civilization - I'd like to thank you for your work in informing the uninformed about the truth regarding Eric Gill. He was such a very vile man.

I had read somewhere, probably a typography forum, about "rumors" regarding Gill's low character and honestly didn't want to believe them because I so admired his typographic work. In fact, my blog used to feature Gill Sans, a typeface I still use in my professional work, but will not use in my personal work simply out of principle. (I still have a few pages on my site that I need to revise to remove his typeface. I now try to use Adrian Frutiger's eponymous typeface these days when Gill Sans might be appropriate.)

Coming across your work at TIA has saved me the unenviable task of having to wade through Gill's biography, and I pass the link on to anyone who doesn't believe me when I tell them why I dislike the man. That some people are willing to overlook his depravity as some sort of allowable artistic idiosyncrasy is, in my view, a tacit endorsement of his deplorable behavior.

At all events, thanks again, Mr. Odou. I can't say that I've perused much more of your organization's site, but the stated mission to work "for a restoration of Christian Civilization, adapted to contemporary historical circumstances" is indeed a noble one, and needed now more than ever as "progressive" ideals, inimical to simple Christian values and the freedoms they engender, appear to gain more traction by the day.

I wish you the best: Heaven knows you have your work cut out for you.



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TIA responds,

Mr. P.O.B.,

We forwarded your message and e-mail to Mr. Patrick Odou.


TIA correspondence desk

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Was Black the Only Mourning Color?
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On this web page, Hugh states this: "The mourning color is usually violet, or more rarely black. The widow habitually wears white mourning clothes, following the example of the Queens to whom etiquette prescribes this color. This explains why a Queen-Mother is sometimes called Reine Blanche, White Queen."

What's your source for these statements? I'm researching funerary rites of the Burgundian Dukes, and I'm finding that this page doesn't match up with the description of those rites, which seemed to heavily utilize Black as the color of clothing for mourners.

It looks like the quote is attributed to a French text: Alfred Carlier, Sous les Votes des Chateaux-Forts - La Vie Fodale, Lige: Editions Desoer, pp. 147-150.

Is this book a reliable secondary source? Other period sources lean heavily towards Black as the color of mourning: Black, Secondary/Tertiary Source: A Burgundian Funeral Ceremony: Olivier de la Marche and the Obsequies of Adolf of Cleves, Lord of Ravenstein
- Black, Secondary/Tertiary Source: Death and Burial in Medieval England, 1066-1550.

Sorry for asking questions out of the nowhere, just trying to understand the topic I'm researching.



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Mr. O'Reilly responds:


As far as I know, the mourning colors which were varied before became exclusively black during the Renaissance. This custom was later reinforced in Protestantism. When I read the book, Sous les Votes des Chateaux-Forts by Alfred Carlier, it confirmed part of this opinion. The work appeared to me quite reliable.

I dont have the book at hand right now to check if the author gives primary or secondary sources for his statements as you asked.

Perhaps you may verify it yourself, since the book can still be purchased online here and here.

Incidentally, regarding the white as a mourning color for queens, as I observed in my article, in Wikipedia, under the title "Mourning," you can find this information:
The color of deepest mourning among medieval European queens was white rather than black. This tradition survived in Spain until the end of the 15th century, and was again practiced by the Spanish-born Belgian Queen Fabiola of King Baudouin's funeral. It was also the custom for the Queens of France to wear deuil blanc or 'white mourning.'

     Hugh O'Reilly

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 10, 2008

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