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Great Apostasy, Civility & Girl Scouts

Great Apostasy
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Dear Sir,

How can it be that so many bishops of the world accepted the abominations of the Second Vatican Council complacently and without resistance?

How could the Bishops, protectors of the Holy Faith, accept the novelties in the liturgy and the desecration of the Mass? Had they not sworn to defend the Mass?

I think these men were trained in the solid theology of St. Thomas and the holy Scholastic tradition, so how could they be so stupid as to accept the obviously offensive theological and moral abominations proffered by the Council?

Why, instead of acting to suppress the perverse actions of an ostensibly corrupt Pontiff, did the Princes of the Church submit blindly?

May Our Lord take vengeance upon Bishops who perpetuate the Modernist heresy.


     J. T.

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The Editor responds:

Mr. J.T.,

In my opinion, the Bishops submitted both in signing all the documents of Vatican II and in accepting the New Mass for two reasons:

  1. One group agreed with the documents of Vatican II and the New Mass by conviction, that is, they professed the principles of Progressivism as did John XXIII and Paul VI;

  2. The majority did not react against the novelties for the reason of self-interest. I speak of two different kinds of self-interest:
  1. Many Bishops of Latin America followed the orientation of the German Episcopate at the Council, which was very progressivist, because very powerful charitable associations linked to that Episcopate - e.g. Caritas, Adveniat and others - were sending large amounts of money to help their dioceses. Therefore, their successful terms as Bishops were linked to the good will of those German Bishops.

  2. Many Bishops from other parts of the world did not react for fear of harming or destroying their careers, since they would be acting against the orientation of the two mentioned Popes.
As you do, we at TIA pray for the glory of God to be repaired regarding the general apostasy that became manifest at Vatican II and continues to this day.


     A.S. Guimarães

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Period of Heresy
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Great work on the two sisters Lucy.

It's patently clear that Vatican II was an overthrow of the old order, much like any dictatorship, or oppressive regime that desires a change in time and place.

The Devil and his minions at the Vatican presently was well countered by Pope Leo XIII, who gave us the supernatural prayer of St. Michael. A prayer so powerful that mountains shake when said purely and devoutly.

This is just another period of heresy in salvation history, and Jesus and His Blessed Mother, and the Heaven-bound, will triumph.

Adversus hostem aeterna auctoritas esto [The eternal authority or law must prevail against the foreign one, that is, the heretic].

A.R. from Brazil
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Cardinal Tauran’s Holy Spirit
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Regarding Cardinal Tauran's comments (below) how can anyone state, in effect, that the Holy Spirit works independently of the true Faith, and that sanctifying grace works indiscriminately with the pagan-worshiping Hindus, with the Christ- deniers of Islam and Judaism, and to take this comment to it's most ridiculous conclusion, works with 'devout' devil-worshipers of Satanism?

A refresher course in Cathechism, specially the Sacrament of Confirmation, is called for.


The guidelines that the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue is preparing to publish will point in this direction. In introducing the plenary assembly, Cardinal Tauran said:

"We know that the Holy Spirit works in every man and every woman, independently of his religious or spiritual creed. But on the other hand, we must proclaim that Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. God has revealed to us the truth about God and the truth about man, and for us this is the Good News. We cannot hide this truth under a bushel basket."

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The Manual of Civility Was Needed
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Dear Dr. Horvat,

Felicitation and blessings to you!

I write to happily congratulate you on the release of your latest work, The Catholic Manual of Civility. The contents of this work are clearly needed, especially in this most vulgar of ages.

I dearly pray that the Most Sacred Heart, whom we esteem as King of all Hearts, may once again be the guide for the Spirit of the Age. Your latest work is a fine example of that most merciful Heart and work in our world.

Please accept my humble contribution to Tradition in Action. Though small, I pray that it be, in some insignificant way, a contribution to your most excellent work, for the reparation of sin, and advancing the venerable cause of Holy Mother Church.

May Our Lady of Fatima be your ever steadfast guide, and may you take comfort in knowing that I have all of you at TIA in my prayers always. May the Holy Ghost be as to you a soothing balm in trouble and your inspiration in joy.

     I remain, sincerely in Christ,

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Love Your Site
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Dear TIA,

In talking with my brother, P.B., I learned that we have your website in common and that he is a friend of yours.

Just saying hello and I love your site!


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Quoting the TIA website
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A new book by Ted Lipien Wojtyla’s Women: How They Shaped the Life of Pope John Paul II and Changed the Catholic Church has a section on Tradition in Action.

An excerpt referencing TIA's objection to Benedict visiting semi-naked native women

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Escape Routes
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It could well be of some truth that the feminization of society has resulted in a huge increase in homosexualism and paedophilia, a cowardly escape route taken by some men.

Another escape route by European and American men is to seek spouses from Asiatic communities, in the belief that women from these communities are docile and "manageable."

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Lesbians and Girl Scouts
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I received the following important information from Randy Engel, and pass it on, FYI.

“I read On My Honor: Lesbians Reflect on Their Scouting Experience a few years back. The small book costs in the $100 range so the average person will not buy it.

“It is available however through library loan systems for parents who want to check out how the lesbians recruit in the Girl Scouts. Like male homosexual molesters, the lesbians target the needy and vulnerable young girl.”

      Gary L. Morella

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 8, 2008

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