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Orissa, Gaudi & Embalming

Time to Proclaim Our Faith Fearlessly
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What is happening in Orissa is outrageous and shameful. As an Indian I am ashamed to say that we are the most disgraceful democracy known to humanity: The biggest democratic sham where those with political connections can do anything and everything criminal and get away with it all,subverting the whole system of justice by eliminating or terrorizing witnesses, with the conduct and fairness of the law-keepers leaving much to be desired.

Orissa is another classic case of State-tolerated terrorism by minorities of fanatical Hindu elements. They carried out the same kind of violence in Gujarat before and got away with it. The insensitivity of leaders was best expressed in the comments of one prominent politician: that all that had been done was just the destruction of the simple wood and stone huts of the Christian tribes... (Really, what else did he expect poor people to live in or worship in? Whatever little they had meant everything to them). The State and central authorities prefer to turn a blind eye and as usual, we cannot expect any justice but just cover-ups and protection of criminals. Acts of omission on the part of those in authority in protecting its own citizens are bad. This is not the secular India that was envisaged by the founding fathers of our nation.

Concerning ecumenism what worse than this could have been done when our very own parish priest in Goa this year inaugurates the Ganapati celebrations in the Hindu part of our village (Sao Estevao) as a show of village unity. I'll send you the pictures and news article as soon as I scan it. At the last exposition of St Francis Xavier's remains at Old Goa, a priest gave a sermon that included proudly telling us all that he too attended a Ganapati celebration once.

The time has come to proclaim our Faith even more loudly and fearlessly: That there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church and that is why we are Catholic and wish the whole of humanity to be so for their own salvation. Unfortunately the heresy that salvation can be found outside the Catholic Church is not a VC2 novelty and the false ecumenism we see today is a consequence of this. It has been promulgated in so many ways since ancient times and it is time all so called Traditionalists acknowledge this fact. If that is true then I have no reason to be a Catholic, and, of course, the Church has no reason to exist, and Christ ... no reason to have become incarnate and suffered. And, of course, the biblical account of Noah and the Ark would also be false then.

     Dr. N.J.R., India
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Edith Stein at the Synagogue...
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Some things are so absurd that it takes a doctorate in Philosophy to believe them or in them; there is a difference. The Jewish convert to Lutheranism Husserl will go down as having influenced philosophy more than most anyone else in the 20th century.

Phenomenology is the denial of man's ability to know reality, and is concerned with appearances and relationships. For some strange reason it was attractive to new Jewish converts to Roman Catholicism, Max Scheler and Edith Stein just to name a few. Scheler unfortunately apostatized, and Edith was known after conversion to visit the synagogue with her mother.

Another, but not too well known Jewish convert to Lutheranism was Joachim Jeremias, who was one of the six ministers who advised Paul Vl on the Novus Ordo. He was a professor known to cast doubt on Jesus' Resurrection and His divinity, and he even published books in Austria to this effect.

Thanks for a wonderful article on the Phenomenology of Dietrich von Hildebrand, which proves it takes a genius to really subvert the truth.

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Gaudi's Revolutionary Art
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To the Editor,

I have some Catholic friends who are gushing over the work of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, especially the cathedral La Sagrada Familia. I have also read that there is even a cause for Gaudi's beatification. But so many of his images look grotesque, distorted, and modernistic.

What is your opinion of Gaudi and his work?

     In Jesus and Mary,


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The Editor responds:


I positively agree with you: grotesque, distorted and modernist are good qualifications for his art. Gaudi's works seem to me completely revolutionary. One could say that the Cathedral of La Sagrada Familia is the gothic in a stage of putrefaction.

Gaudi appears to me as the 'Catholic' precursor of other extravagant Spaniards of his time such as Picasso and Dali.


     A.S. Guimar√§es

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16th-Century Treatise on Politeness
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Dear TIA,

If possible, please forward this to Judy Mead. Thank you

Dear Ma'am,

In your article A Bishop's Delicate Reproof of a Guest, you mention an old Italian manual on manners entitled A Treatise on Politeness and Delicacy of Manners Addressed to a Young Nobleman

I am much interested in reading said work. Would it be possible for you to scan it and email me a copy? Or could you possible lend it to me for a short time so I could do so? Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide me in this matter.



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TIA responds:

Dear A.N.,

We forwarded your note to Mrs. Judy Mead.

The book, titled simply Galateo: A Renaissance Treatise on Manners has been reprinted by the Center for Reformation and Rennaissance Studies. It can be purchased for $16.95 here.

You can also download the book or view it as plaintext from this site.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Girl Scouts
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Fr. Sretenovic,

I expect by now someone has pointed this out, but I noticed that the woman who asked the question said she was leading a "girl scout alternative" group, and not an actual Girl Scout's Club, and that it's through her church.


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Precisions on Embalming
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To the Moderator:

I read your interesting article on embalming of the dead and have a few comments. First off, I have a licensed funeral director in my family so I have some knowledge of the procedures and State laws. Embalming is, of course, not required by law but the remains should be under refrigeration until the time of burial. While the procedure is somewhat grim, it does provide for a certain cosmetic look of the deceased but is MOST CERTAINLY for sanitary reasons.

Upon death, the immune system shuts down and the aerobic bacteria activity begins immediately which can create gasses inside the human body. One of the procedures is to use a trocar which evacuates these gasses and the preservative fluid helps to destroy some of the more combative bacteria which cause decomposition.

Without embalming, the gasses can cause human remains to explode which happened in England for the funeral of the brother of Queen Mary (wife of George V). The unembalmed remains were jarred throughout the funeral procession causing the body to explode.

Secondly, in the case of severe accident trauma, while the corpse may not be viewable, the remains are treated to prevent offensive odors as the decomposition process is greatly increased due to exposed tissues.

While it is certainly true that there are declared saints of the Church who were not embalmed and were preserved in death, there is also the great probability that mummification occurred -- a drying of the tissues or that the formation of adipocere occurred - a soap-like waxy natural formation in the muscle and tissue areas.

When a family requests that embalming not occur, the funeral director does try to hasten the burial process so that the family might be spared undue grief from offensive smells - not all funeral homes have refrigeration units!

Even embalming does not prevent decomposition!

Anaerobic bacteria can exist without the present of oxygen and decomposition eventually occurs. If you want to discover more about how embalming doesn't always work (especially with the untrained!), read about the process performed on Pope Pius XII - his remains began to decompose, despite the botched attempts of his "doctor." And this was during the public viewing in St. Peter's!

     Thanks for reading,

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No Limbo
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The concept of Limbo was never a Dogma. Controversy has existed in the Church for many centuries. The Assumption was dealt with in 1950 to put that one to rest.

My opinion is that one has only to read Jesus' statements from or through Sister Faustina to see the reason why babies can go to Heaven. Don't discount God's mercy. Jesus said at the hour of mercy, which is 3 o'clock, "Mercy triumphed over Justice."

I rest my case.

     May God's peace and truth be yours,

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Galileo in the Wall Street Journal
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Please let Atila know that he was quoted on 28 August 2008 by the Wall Street Journal in the last paragraph of an article about Galileo.

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Benedict's Pagan Rituals
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Dear Friends,

On August 3, you posted a picture of Benedict XVI being "blessed" by a pagan witch doctor. The writer commented that it was difficult to believe that a true pope would allow such a thing to happen.

There are many of us faithful Catholics out there that struggle greatly with the argument that the contemporary Church is not the true Church and therefore the pope is not a true pope. I desperately want to believe that this is not true, that Almighty God would not allow this to happen and that the sedevacantists are wrong. However, when I continually see pictures such as you post and read of the worsening crisis of my beloved Church, my confusion only grows.

     God help us all.

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Book on St. Joseph
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Dear TIA,

Thank you for producing and sending the beautiful book of our beloved St. Joseph.

Enclosed is my payment, including payment for ten more books.

How salutary is this book! Thank you, again.

     In Maria,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 16, 2008

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