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Chastisement, Benedict's Gaze & New Pope

After the Chastisement
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Dear TIA,

Thank you for revealing to us the teaching of Pope Pius IX on democracy. How prescient His Holiness was! It is quite clear that democracy in principle is wrong and unjust, and in practice, it has failed.

Democratization of society has led to all types of disorder, general disobedience and disdain for authority. It has also led to a vulgarization of society due to the enhanced influence of the lower social orders. A truly Catholic society would, I believe, be one where power and authority would derive from one's nobility and position in society, one's education and one's wisdom. The Church would have final authority in all matters relating to morals and would have complete control of education. There would be strong clerical authority in this society.

Obedience, respect for authority and the law would permeate this society at all levels. Children would be disciplined from infancy and corporal punishment would be advocated as an essential element in their training.

Criminals would be severely punished with the emphasis much more on punishment and less on rehabilitation. All prison sentences would include hard labor and all prisoners would be required to work. The lower social orders would not be in positions of power or influence. There would be no social welfare but Catholic charity would abound. This would entail the re-establishment of many of the great charitable institutions of the past, such as the workhouses for the poor, industrial schools for delinquent or illegitimate children and convent laundries for immoral girls and women.

The Church would once more establish a sound education system, educating the lower social orders free of charge to the level they require to be valuable and responsible members of society. For the middle and higher social orders, there would be private education where excellence would be appreciated and strived for in all matters. Once more we would hope to see Priests, Brothers and Nuns in the classroom and their example would lead to a society of great virtue and indeed, piety.

At this point, this all seems like pie in the sky, but we must hope and pray that Almighty God will not leave us much longer in this "progressist wilderness." The current disasters in the world would point to increasing Divine Punishment and we can be confident that Almighty God is growing weary of the current wickedness. In that case we can be confident of a return to traditional values and a traditional society based on obedience, order and strong authority, God willing.

     Yours faithfully,

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Benedict's Gaze
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Mesdames et Messieurs,

You have, in the past, posted interesting articles on the human face and its revelation of character. I think your assertions are correct: one can read a man's character in his face, especially after a long life. The toll that sin takes is easily read, even in those who are considered attractive. Nancy Pelosi is a good example: although she is well coiffed and appointed, her eyes are utterly empty, suggesting a soullessness that is disastrous for our country.

I wonder if you would care to comment on the face of Benedict XVI? This is not a frivolous question. I see something in his eyes that is terribly frightening, for example, in the photo you posted in your article on Obama and the attitude of the USCCB toward him. Many in the secular press have pointed out how frightening Benedict's gaze is. Do you think this is unfounded?

Thank you for your intelligent and informative site. I visit it daily and find it very thought provoking.

     In Jesus and Mary,

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A New Pope
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Dear TIA,

I recently ordered and watched the video about Our Lady of Good Success. It is a superb video and I encourage everyone to get a copy and watch it with any interested people. They will come away the better for having done so.

There is one very interesting thing that Our Lady said to Mother Mariana that struck me as being of great interest nowadays: "How the Church will suffer during this dark night! Lacking a prelate and a father to guide them..." Also, Our Lady said that people should "clamor insistently" to the Heavenly Father for an end to "these ominous times," asking him to send the Church a prelate and father who would restore the spirit to the priests.

It seems to me that the lacking prelate and father to guide us must be the pope. Clearly, since John XXIII, this has been and continues to be the case. Who could argue otherwise?

My prayers are that the Good Lord sends us a truly Catholic pope sooner rather than later. I eagerly await that day.

     In Christ and Mary,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 31, 2009

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