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Is Sede-Vacantism an Ally of Progressivism?

Sede-Vacantism & Progressivism
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Dear TIA,

I am a great admirer of TIA and its many useful articles. I too was shocked by the non-Christian prayer of the Pope. In your articles you alert us to the many terrible things going on and we need the information. Could you suggest to us ways of dealing theologically, aescetically and devotionally with the terrible scandals we see?

Many would say: Shut up, go to this true Catholic chapel or join a sede-vacantist group! An easy solution, maybe. But many of us feel helpless: we pray, read, study [even eat slow homemade food] and we say the daily Family Rosary, but we still fume and complain and get depressed, so depressed (at least I do - maybe I am the only one).

Can you give us some "uplift" or uplifting advice?

     A.R., Ireland

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TIA responds:

Dear A.R.,

We thank you for your consideration.

In our opinion, the best way to deal with the crisis in the Church is to see it as a second passion of Our Lord, and try to keep Him company as much as we can with our prayers, meditations and actions.

You are absolutely right: Never take a sede-vacantist position. Their leaders consciously or unconsciously follow an agenda to take people outside of the Church, as the Protestants did in the 16th century.

Instead of attacking the Progressivism that has infiltrated the Church, they use it as an ally to justify their own position. When the Pope goes to the Dome of the Rock, for example, they do not show concern for the suffering of the Church. They just say, "See, we are right in our stand of sede-vacantism."

It is also curious to notice that they challenge any Catholic leader who takes an effective stance of Resistance. The endless discussions they try to engage him in are not to change their own minds - which they never do - but to waste the time of the person who holds the right position. Their single practical goal seems to be to divert his attention away from the fight against Progressivism.

Every day it appears more likely that both Progressivism and sede-vacantism may well be two arms on the same pair of pincers.

It is not superfluous to recall that famous phrase attributed to Lenin: 'Let us make the anti-Communism before the real anti-Communism appears.' We wonder if sede-vacantism is not something analogous produced by Progressivism to push people outside the Church and deviate them from the real anti-progressivist position, which is Resistance. Do not follow the easy and proud way of sede-vacantism.

Pray your Rosary, analyze everything that happens in Holy Mother Church, follow her passion as you would if you were living in Jerusalem at the time of Christ, and trust the prophetic words of Our Lady at Fatima: "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph!"

This is the advice that we have to offer you.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Immutable Teachings
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Dear TIA,

Once again, TIA ventures and comments where others fear to go. I am referring to your photo of the pope shaking hands with Carla Bruni Sarkozy. This act of the pope tacitly endorsing this woman's lifestyle is impossible to comprehend. It is becoming crystal clear that we faithful Catholics can expect no guidance from the Hierarchy of our beloved Church.

As Cardinal Ciappi commented years ago, part of the 3rd Secret of Fatima says that the great apostasy would start at the top of the Church. The enemies of our faith are firmly in control, and we truly faithful Catholics must now adhere to the past teaching of Holy Mother Church.

The lying novelties of today can't touch these priceless teachings, where the true faith is to be found.

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Formation of Children
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Dear Dr. Horvat,

I don't think you'll remember me but I had a conversation with you about the Formation of Children Series and told you how much I wanted you to continue with them. It might have been a couple years ago but they are well worth the wait! The new ones are magnificent! I'm ordering more for different families and for a priest friend. Thank you, thank you, thank you - more, more, more, please!

Also, may I ask you something: I have heard that TIA has accepted the sede-vacantist position, and I was wondering if it were true? I am befuddled by both Sede-vacantist and SSPX positions. I hear one position and I'm convinced, and then hear the other and find that too is convincing...

So, my dear Marian, again I thank you for the precious treasure of your family tapes. You must never stop! They are life-changing - maybe even eternity changing!

     Your friend in Christ,


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Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear A.W.,

Thank you for your enthusiastic praise of my last tapes. It is encouraging for me to receive such support.

I believe your information is wrong. TIA is not sede-vacantist. Our position on this topic is clearly expounded in the booklet Resistance versus Sede-Vacantism. We have also addressed the matter in some answers to readers, explaining quite clearly that we do not endorse sede-vacantism. You may find some of these answers here, here, here and here. Or you can put in the word sede-vacantism to search our site.


     Marian T. Horvat

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 16, 2009

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