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Blue Army, Halloween & Conditional Baptism

Blue Army's Apostolate of Peace
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Thank you for the interesting article you posted on the internet. I must admit it is well written and for a moment, threw me off track. You sir may not realize you are a victim of the evil one who is always prostituting our Catholic faith, particularly when it involves the Blessed Mother. For the love of God, please be obedient to the Holy Father who is the Vicar of Christ. Trust that the Holy Spirit is smarter than us and that he is working through our pope. Please stop allowing Satan to use you to cause division in our most precious Church.

Now with the introduction of the "queer rosary" you can clearly see how the evil one laughs at us because we are suckers in his hands. He convinces us that WE are right.

Please pray for the Blue Army now more that ever. Be on Our Lady's side and trust that her image now in Russia is dispensing graces beyond anything we could imagine. Be one of her faithful followers who when we are being judged by God and he tells you where you deserve to go, she will step in and say, "Wait, this one went above and beyond my expectations of what I hope for in working to unite my church and spreading my message I gave at Fatima.

Won't you reconsider your position and join the faithful remnant who are going to show the world the peace plan from heaven Our Lady gave us? I assure you that you are about to witness the reemergence of the Blue Army now also known as the World Apostolate of Fatima. As Saint Padre Pio himself stated, "When there is one faithful Blue Army member for every communist, Russia will convert".

Let's do our part to make it happen. It's exciting beyond anything I have ever anticipated, to think that I could actually help Our Lady with her peace plan for the world. Please don't let an icon get in the way of you doing your part. Let's talk. Feel free to contact me if the Holy Spirit prompts you to do so.

     In service to Our Lady of Fatima,

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Pagan Halloween
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I commend you for your website. The average person doesn't know the origin of halloween (I deliberetly failed to capitalize the word halloween....). [See here and here]

I will recommend your site to anyone asking me why this is pagan in origin.


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Suspicious TV Anchor
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Dear TIA,

The news anchor woman who wrote in looking for potential interviews I noticed offered no appreciation for your website or your views.

We must be very careful when invited by the media to give our counter-revolutionary views to them. Often, and I've personally witnessed this, they pretend sympathy but use the occasion by twisting words and camera angles to make the counter-revolutionaries look like buffoons or hate-mongers. With today's technology, this is an easy feat for them.

Thank you for your excellent website.

     Sincerely, In Maria,

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Scholarly Compliments
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Dr. Horvat,

Thank you for noting your use of our work in researching your article on the First Thanksgiving. We're very humbled.

Don Adams & Teresa A. Kendrick
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Conditional Baptism
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Many thanks for so many articles; again, your site is like a canary in the mine, which lets miners know if it is time to come out of the mine, when the bird dies from poisonous gases.

Can you comment on the issue of conditional baptism, please? The 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia's article on baptism states that, all Protestant converts to the Catholic Church were invariably conditionally baptized as a routine. Yet, the 1965 version of the same, says as an ecumenical gesture of a shared faith in baptism to Protestant churches, conditional baptism is a very rare exception.

If there was so much doubt formerly on baptism, how could it be removed so suddenly just after Vatican Council II? It seems that it is possible that the many thousands of people who have come into the Novus Ordo Church in the last 45 years, and continue to do so, are not even baptized, yet. Some of these converts have gone into seminaries and even beyond.

As all sacraments revolve around the Eucharist and baptism is a sacrament that is the gateway to the others, it seems a soul is baptized into liturgy, that is why there was a distinction between the Mass of catechumens and that of the faithful.

Can the Church be telling us something in not baptizing conditionally about the Novus Ordo?

     Mater Dolorissima, ora pro nobis.


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TIA responds:


Thank you for your kind initial words.

The sacraments ministered by Protestants are under suspicion because there is a doubt about whether their bishops maintained the Sacrament of Orders, which is vital to ordain priests and therefore to administer other sacraments.

The doubt makes sense, because when Protestantism occured, many legitimately consecrated Catholic Bishops apostatized and entered into the heresy. Different from what sede-vacantists pretend, the Catholic Church does not think that when a man becomes a heretic he loses his power of Orders.

Thus, no one can establish for sure whether the sacraments in the Protestant sects that have bishops are valid. Hence, the wise practice of the Church was to conditionally administer the sacraments once again to the converts.

As much as we know, the only Protestant sect with bishops where the matter was clearly defined is Anglicanism. Leo XIII in his papal Bull Apostolicae curae declared the orders of the Anglicans to be null.

There is also another reason given for the conditional Baptism, which per se doesn't require a bishop or a priest to be administered; any person can do it. The reason is that for a baptism to be valid, it must be done with the intention of introducing the person into the bosom of the Catholic Church. If this intention is not present, the sacrament does not exist. So, when a Protestant converts, a conditional Baptism is also administered.

This was the practice of the Catholic Church until the advent of the conciliar Popes and Vatican II. After that, ecumenism and the error of universal salvation devastated this consistent practice regarding sacraments. Now, conversions are no longer demanded, the sacraments of heretics are assumed as valid, baptism is considered as duly ministered by almost every Protestant sects.

Are the sacraments valid after Vatican II and the Novus Ordo Mass?

Following the same principle applied before, we think it is difficult to imagine that there are no valid Bishops in the Catholic Hierarchy from Vatican II on. So, in principle, the sacraments are valid. In practice, doubts persist in those cases were there are incorrect translations of formulae of the sacraments.

We hope this will be of some help.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 30, 2009

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