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Homosexuality, the End of the State
& Humanae Vitae

Why Does the State Promote Homosexuality?
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Dear Sirs,

I have just finished reading the article by Mr. Zamora regarding the approbation of sodomite unions by many of the Chilean clergy, and I must say it is astounding to realize what a great number of priests and Bishops have sold Our Lord like Judas, for the thirty pieces of silver offered by those who are intent on implementing a Communist Universal Republic.

I would like to know your opinion as to the possible political reasons behind the continual agitation to grant special privileges to sodomites. Some say it is intended to help reduce the population, but this seems implausible due to the fact that the great majority will never willingly become sodomites.

It seems more likely that it is intended to be used as weapon to persecute the Church. It will demanded that Catholic hospitals dispense contraceptives and employ sodomites and other degenerates on pain of being closed, that parishes employ sodomites and allow them to attempt tp pervert others into accepting them as normal, and on and on ad nauseam. It is all very depressing.

I pray that God and His Most Holy Mother help all of us who have remained faithful to be faithful unto death, whatsoever kind of death that may be.


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TIA responds:

Dear Z.M.,

It is encouraging to see that we share the same concerns regarding the sad situation of Holy Mother Church.

In response to your question about the political reasons for promoting the homosexual agenda, we believe that it is to take tolerance to its most extreme limit. This excess of tolerance that even admits what is opposite to Natural Law will leave democracy open to its own destruction.

Indeed, one of the myths of democracy is that each one is free to do whatever he wishes as long as it does not hurt others. However, liberty for homosexuality and the admission of 'rights' for it - to have homosexual persons publicly appearing as such, to admit their unions de facto and de jure, their right of inheritance, the adoption of children, etc. - is a violent offense against anyone who follows Natural Law.

How can any Catholic, for example, be at ease in sending his children to a State school where homosexuality is taught as a normal situation? How can he feel at ease in his business if he is obliged to admit homosexual employees under penalty of a lawsuit? The examples can continue as long as you want. A Catholic, like any other upright citizen, is thus intimidated by the State to do what is contrary to Natural Law.

When an official law of tolerance imposes this vice on people who follow Natural Law, they tend to withdraw their support from this State. Needless to say, instead of promoting stability - which is one of the goals of any healthy State concerned about the common good - this action of the State feeds the desire for a change of regime. As a matter of fact, the option opens for a dictator to appear as a result of the stifling atmosphere felt by normal citizens.

Those very politicians who pretend to take democracy to its extreme limits are, in fact, leading it to its very destruction. In the end, tolerance for homosexuality leaves the State seriously vulnerable.

Why are politicians doing this? We believe that the real reason for promoting homosexuality is to accomplish the revolutionary aim of establishing an anti-natural order.

An order that attacks Natural Law indirectly attacks God, whose will is expressed in nature. One sees that this assault against God in modern States ultimately can only please the greatest adversary of God, Satan.

We hope that this answer is of some help.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Humanae Vitae Is Flawed
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Dear Editor,

I saw your answer to the question of the correspondent who asked, "If Pope Paul VI was an architect of the destruction of the Catholic Church, then how could he be responsible for Humanae Vitae?"

Your reference in your answer to Judas Iscariot was appropriate in theory, however, the reality is that Humanae Vitae was part and parcel of the auto-destruction of the Catholic Church which even Paul VI himself admitted was happening at the time. Too many Catholics, even traditional Catholics, have been fooled into believing that Humanae Vitae was some exception to the rule of what was happening after the Council, when the actual purpose of Humanae Vitae - at which it succeeded remarkably well - was the destruction of traditional Catholic teachings regarding marriage and family.

I recommend this article from Latin Mass magazine on the subject.

This takes you to a page which has links to the original article "Humanae Vitae: Heroic, Deficient, or Both?" (Original title, "Humanae Vitae: A Critical Re-evaluation"), along with links to several replies and rebuttals.

A follow-up article was published in Catholic Family News describing the relationship between Humanae Vitae and the Papal Commission established to examine the issue of birth control. It explains how Humanae Vitae follows very closely the thought, outline and wording of the Majority Report, the one that recommended that birth control should be allowed, while completely ignoring the Minority Report, the one that recommended keeping the traditional Catholic teaching. Since it has not been made available on the internet, I am attaching a copy to this email. [TIA is placing the article in a pdf file for our readers here]

I hope that you will find these articles informative and that they will help to explain how and why Paul VI issued Humanae Vitae and the role it played in the destruction of Catholic morality.

     Yours in Christ,

     John Galvin

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 10, 2009

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