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The Council Is Infallible,
Courtesy & Homeschooling

Vatican II Could Not Err
People Commenting

This Statement is in this article : "This is particularly necessary today when the firm columns of Truth and Morals seem to be vacillating in the Holy Church as a consequence of the progressivist principles approved by Vatican Council II."

If we believe that the Holy Roman Catholic Church is indeed the Bride of Christ and that the Council's of said Church are directly under the guidance of the Holy Spirit is it possible that this so called 'hijacking' of the Second Vatican Council which I am hearing reported by all the 'holy ones' in the church is just a figment of your collective imagination OR that if it did occur then it occurred under the 'watchful eye' of God who intended it for the preservation of His Church.

You seem to walk a complicated path which requires converting people to your ideas about what God has already established to be Truth, right? Or are you thinking that the Holy Roman Catholic Church is not Christ's Church and that Benedict XVI is not the Pontiff?

I am confused about where you stand - you call yourself Catholic yet seemly attack the foundations of the church established in the Second Vatican Council which the Universal Church has established as infallible and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

So who is vacillating here? State your position and move on (or as I like to say, 'keep on truckin.' You can't have it both ways brother.


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TIA responds:

Mr. P.T.,

We believe your presupposition that no ecumenical council can err is way too simplistic. The Ecumenical Council of Constance (1415), for example, taught the heresy of Conciliarism along with many things that were very good. Such errors of the Council of Constance were disavowed by Pope Martin V and annulled by Pope Sixtus IV.

This heresy supposes that a Council can judge the Pope. The concept of judging the Pope is not what is typically understood in common language. For example, one might imagine that a person cannot say that a Pope errs when he gives Communion to a naked woman. A person can certainly affirm this.

The concept of not judging the Pope to which the Council of Constance refers is the specific notion that the body of Catholic Bishops gathered in a council has a greater power of jurisdiction and power of teaching than the Pope. So, this body could decide when the Pontiff ceases to be worthy of exercising the office of the Papacy.

The errors of Constance were reaffirmed and reinforced by the Ecumenical Council of Basel (1431-1437). This council - at first considered legitimate - would later be declared schismatic and condemned by Pope Eugene IV.

Anyone with some historical background can see that your simplistic idea that everything a council teaches is true and infallible does not fit with the reality.

So, when TIA presents facts showing that in many points Vatican II is in direct contradiction with the past Catholic Magisterium, we are following the example of the mentioned Pontiffs who disavowed and condemned those Councils.

When you say that this is complicated, you are correct. It is, indeed. But when we expose these errors, we are not making things more complicated. We are helping to clarify a confused situation that is favoring bad-intentioned authorities to mislead the faithful. If you want to see the reality and not fall into traps, you must accustom your eyes to see throughout the dust that has been raised in the Church by Progressivism these last 50 years.

Regarding your demand that we state our position, it shows that you are quite uninformed about us. Our position is very clearly affirmed both in our Resistance Statement and the books of the Collection that analyzes Vatican II by Mr. Guimaraes. We recommend that you read them. Links to these books - which are sold in our bookstore - will be posted at the bottom of this page.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Courtesy Calls Again
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

At last, a book that addresses some key issues of the cultural malaise with clear and serious precision!

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and have passed it on to my husband. It should foster some lively conversation.

To your readers: My recommendation is to give this little book, Courtesy Calls Again your immediate attention. Read it; practice what it teaches; teach it to others, and begin the reclamation of the true Catholic spirit of Christian politeness.

Like the fragrance of a lovely flower, Lady Courtesy beckons us - each one - to embrace our Catholic heritage, cast off the intolerable libertine yoke that has choked off proper modes of conduct and reclaim the art of gracious living.

Dr. von Hildebrand was right. Marian T. Horvat and Judith Mead Fife have made a fine contribution. This refreshing little book is a gem.


     Laura Cote
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People Commenting

We are a Traditional Catholic homeschooling family. We have started a home-based business, which we run as a family. Our main goal in this business is for John to be able to work at home, out of the immoral atmosphere of this world. And, to grow in our family life, practicing the Faith together in our day-to-day lives. Through the togetherness of a home-business, both parents are able to make a positive influence on the hearts, minds and souls of their children.

We would like to ask if there is any chance we could have a link to our website www.stclareseeds.com placed on your website. We would really appreciate the help in letting other Catholics know that there is a garden seed company run by a family who is dedicated to the Faith. And you would be helping us to grow our family life and protect our family from the effects of our culture!

Thank you for your consideration of our request.

     God Bless,

     John and Sarah Vandenberg
     Owners/Operators of St. Clare Heirloom Seeds

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 2, 2010

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