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Report from India, Netherlands Request

Profanation by Hindus
People Commenting
Daijiworld Media Network - Kundapur (SB)

Kundapur, Feb 14 - Some unidentified miscreants have broken the glass enclosure of the grotto of Lord Infant Jesus and severely disfigured the statue of Lord Infant Jesus at the Infant Jesus Church in Katkere near Koteshwar here on Saturday February 13 late night.

Fr. Boniface Dï Souza said that the incident that came to light on Sunday February 14 morning has left the locals disturbed.

The miscreants suspected to be locals have caused damage to a hand as well as an eye of the statue after smashing the glass enclosure of the grotto, what appears to be stone pelting, he said.

The Infant Jesus Church is under the management of Carmelite fathers. Police have visited the spot and investigation is on.

The locals are agitated as when a similar incident had occurred earlier, proper protection was demanded as a precautionary measure to prevent such from happening.

     A.J.C., India
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Request from the Netherlands
People Commenting
Dear Sir,

My name is R.W. and I am from the Netherlands. I am 34-years-old, happily married, and we have two wonderful children (N. 5 years and G. 2 years). We are living in the south of the Netherlands, near the border of Germany and Belgium.

I grew up as a Roman Catholic, but at the age of 21, I left the Roman Catholic Church and became a Baptist. As a family we are also active members of our Baptist church, and myself I am also preaching once in a while.

We are living in a Roman Catholic area in the Netherlands, and right now I want to study again sincerely my Roman Catholic background and the early Church. Because I read so much against Roman Catholic Church and the Papacy, I have it really on my heart to read good books and listen good lectures, which gives a good understanding about RCC instead of all these anti-RCC books.

For myself I already started to read these last days some Roman Catholic theologians like Augustine, Bernard Clairvaux and especially Thomas Aquinas, which I really love to read.

So, as a Baptist and ex-Catholic I have become sincerely interested in the study of the Roman Catholic Church and her doctrine, because I see more and more that we as evangelicals don't really understand Roman Catholicism and its doctrine, especially on the Papacy, Eucharist and the rest of its doctrine.

One of the reasons is also because of all the confusion of Liberalism and Modernism in the RCC....

I am reading right now very sincerely RCC theologians from the past, because these last months I am experiencing that the Lord God is changing my heart from being anti-Catholic, turning it into a deep love for the RCC and her doctrine, and it's even drawing me closer to the ancient Church.

The only confusion that I have at the moment is the issue of Modernism and interfaith meetings of the last two Popes, which I am really struggling with.

I thought that you can't be Catholic without accepting these developments which we see since Vatican II.

So, I was glad that I came across your website and your articles and books. And there was are two books which I really hope to read, because I am sure it contains very important information The problem is that I can't afford them right now, otherwise I would love to order them and to study them in depth, because I really don't want to have false view, but a right understanding of the true RCC, especially since I am believing the Lord is drawing me to the ancient Church.

I am also sure that it will not only help me, but it always a blessings to share and teach it others.

I don't know if it might be possible, but any help with a copy would be appreciated and helpful, so that I hope and pray to discover more and to get a deeper insight into the RCC and the real Church, because I really think that my view is being changed to a more improved and positive understanding of the RCC.

Those books above would be a great tool, but actually all your books looks very interesting to read and to study.

Here in the Netherlands, the liberal influences in the RCC are very clearly seen, which is the reason why conservative Protestants are speaking against the RCC.

Even though I am so limited financially, I am able to pay for the postage cost or whatever is needed. I can pay through Paypal.

I hope to hear from you and may the Lord God bless you and your ministry.

In the fellowship of the Gospel,

     Soli Deo Gloria!


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TIA responds:

Dear Mr. R.W.,

We thank you for your letter. It reveals the seriousness with which you are looking at the Catholic Church.

It is a pleasure for us to be of assistance in your return to the only true Faith. We will send you the requested books - copies with some small defects - to the address at the bottom of your e-mail. When you will receive them, you may pay for their postage as you proposed. The books will be sent this week.

We are including you in our prayers and asking Our Lady of Good Counsel to help you see that even though the Catholic Church is infiltrated by enemies from top to bottom, she is the true Church and the only road to salvation. As Catholics we welcome you to join the fight to expel those enemies from the bosom of Holy Mother Church and make her shine in her full purity, honor and glory.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 23, 2010

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