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The False Right Blah-blah-blah

The Confused Talk of a False Right Catholic
People Commenting

Pax et Caritas.

This is important. You may read this yourself but please forward this to your executive editors for their reflection. This is about a change of editorial policy.

TIA does much very good work. As a Catholic Christian I note that the St. Paul points to the coming of the 'Man of Sin.' This is without error, as Dei Verbum says, as it is in Scripture. Now, there is a plan to form a One World Government and this presages the arrival of the Man of Sin. This New World Order is being set up by Scottish Rite Freemasons in Washington DC, London and all over the world. In fact, the USA does not really exist but rather a New World Order Government set up the evil and masonic founding fathers.

The One World Goverment has two challenges: [1] there are too many people, especially in the third world [2] Muslims do not agree with masonic democracy and are more difficult to govern. So, the New World Order protagonists need cut these populations. They do this in the third world by contraception and abortion programs and also by contrived famines. They do this in the Muslim world by murdering them with American bombs, depleted uranium, sanctions to starve children and also by CIA operations to deliberately set Shiites against Sunni.

This is all leveraged by the contrived 'Holocaust', funded by New York banks, to find an excuse to set up the State of Zionist Israel and give them nuclear weapons to attack decent and peaceful Arabs and Persians.

Democracy was established by the Secret Societies because it is easier to manipulate than a Catholic Monarchy or an Islamic Caliphate, which both seek to rule under the Natural Law. This is represented by the Rose, whose outer petals represent democracy and whose inner ones the societies that leverage it by contrived cultural decline. Hence the Rose Garden in the White House. Hence, also, the Pentagon is modeled after the masonic and satanic pentagram which masons believe draws power to its' centre to give it 'war power.' The society of the Rose and Cross have their HQ in San Jose, California.

Therefore, there must be a change of editorial policy in TIA away from backing the foreign policy of American conservatism and be against the New World Order of both parties instead.

     In Domino Jesu,


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TIA responds:


So, according to you, in order to prevent the Jews, Freemasons and the One World Order, we should support the Muslims? It is like drinking strychnine to keep from being poisoned.

We are quite satisfied with our present day editorial line. Anyway, thank you for writing to us.


     TIA correspondence desk

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People Commenting

Would you please review the Twilight movies (vampire/werewolf series). I am being told young traditional Catholic mothers that they are perfectly fine, but I have my doubts.

What are your thoughts on this? I have read that the books are being sold at Catholic schools.

Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus - That in all things God may be glorified

     Thank you,


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TIA responds:


Thank you for bringing these movies to our attention. We will try to watch and review them to help you in this request.

We have noted this trend to present vampire movies and television shows for youth and think that there is nothing healthy or innocent about it. Instead of inspiring youth to heroism and virtue, it aims to move them toward the occult and preternatural world of Satan.


     TIA correspondence desk

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The Importance of Attire
People Commenting
Good day TIA,

Wow! I went to look at your site! I am on standby to go back to the Gulf of Mexico. Fortunately - and especially due to my mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Blessed. Fr. Antonio Margil de Jesus, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Alphonsus, and many more saints (Blessed be God in his angels and saints!) I have a company that I am able to get a salary when not out and my training for paramedics and other related safety measures for the platform or ship.

I read the two articles on the Chartres pilgrimage (here and here), and the Blue Army, and all of you were right on target. Fr. Sretenovic even listed what we are to wear. I like that, and try to do the same in an authoritative way too, not authoritarian. ... I saved the articles to my laptop and will be emailing to my daughter.

Also, Dr. Horvat covered this in the Manual of Civility; My favorite chapter is Chapter 5 [The Importance of Order in Professional Life], with the Senator of Rome, Publius Lentullus, describing Our Lord.

I have been in the USMC (1983 - 1987; and 1990 - 1991); USCG (1991 - 1998); and the U.S. Army national guard (1998 - 2001), and have dressed just as those pictures showed (meaning in the uniforms of my country and svc - and whether in garrison or in the field). There was a time in the past that I, too, dressed badly without the proper decorum and manners. I do remember that there were adults who would try to instill the good customs in us, but relatives or friends who were with the world corrupted our manners and took us off the straight and narrow path.

Possibly TIA can do some cassettes, CD's, and video on attire, using what Dr. Horvat has on the website e.g. showing a father with his two sons, or a child dressed and sitting properly in a chair vs. how students look in a classroom today - a contrast visual.

Con todo mi corazon, yo doy muchas gracias por sus trabajos. [With all my heart I thank you very much for your work]

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Modesty in Marriage
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I wonder if you can address the subject of what proper modesty is observed within marriage between spouses.



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Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear Mr. J.W.,

Thank you for your question. As a matter of fact, Mrs. Mead and I dealt with that topic in Courtesy Calls Again, our recently released book. It is in Chapter 3: The Husband and the Wife, and is addressed more specifically under the heading, The Role of Familiarity.


     Marian T. Horvat

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 25, 2010

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