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Pedophilia, Sheen & Newman

Pedophilia in Germany
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

After reading Mr. Guimaraes excellent article (they all are) about the sexual abuse crisis in Germany that is unfolding before our eyes, I couldn't help but think where it will lead. Wherever that somewhere is, I ask the good Lord to allow us to arrive there. Powerful forces are, of course, fervently trying to stop the investigation dead in its tracks, but I hope they utterly fail.

Once again, we owe a deep debt of gratitude to the secular media in Germany for exposing these disgusting and satanic abuses. Just as God used the pagan Romans to destroy the Jewish temple long ago, He is now using the secular media to destroy corrupt and self-serving bishops and priests that purport to represent His Holy Church.

I do not see how these men can believe at all, because if they did they would be trembling with unthinkable fear at the thought of their judgment and the wrath that God will meet out on them.

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What about Bishop Sheen?
People Commenting

What is your knowledge of Bishop Sheen? Was he a modernist? Was he a traditional priest turned modernist bishop?

He praised John XXIII; is this good or bad? Do you know if he signed for the changes during Vatican II? Did he stand with or against Bishop Lefebvre?


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TIA responds:


We asked one of our writers to research Bishop Sheen in order to answer your question. We hope you will hear from him soon.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Patriarch of the West
People Commenting

Dear Editor of Tradition in Action,

I am from Singapore. I write here to express my great concern over the liturgical crisis and Ecumenism.

You mention in one of your articles which said our current Pope Benedict XVI gave up his Title Patriarch of the West, which you said was like giving up his Title to be the Sovereign Pope of the Western Church. Actually, the actual reason why Pope Benedict XVI removed this title was because the Patriarch of the West was a western misnomer that the Pope Benedict XVI has control only over that Latin Churches instead of the Universal Churches which includes the Latin Rite Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Catholic Church and the schismatic respective Orthodox Churches. Pope Benedict XVI removed the Title so as to show he has complete control over the universal Church.

This has caused great angst in the schismatic Orthodox Churches which have refused to accept Papal supremacy and Papal infallibility and Immaculate Conception, Filioque cause Original Sin and hell fire and limbo (sic).

The correct Title should be Patriarch of the East and West to show his complete dominance over the Church given by Christ to Saint Peter

I want to be a Holy Norbertine Roman Catholic priest in Australia after I finish my studies in Australia. I am open to the Ukranian-Greek Catholic Church

     Yours devoted to Christ,

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In Defense of Newman
People Commenting
Dear Sir/Madam,

Here in England I read your website daily and find much of it very edifying. I have written a glowingly supportive review of Doctor Marian Therese Horvat's Manual of Civility and you put it on the website; I think it is still there.

However, I think that you are wrong about Cardinal Newman and - I have to say this - unjust. I say this not just to defend a fellow Englishman but in the interests of the truth and of the Church. Newman was a great Catholic. The liberals are trying to claim him and, instead of showing the falsity of the liberals, you are handing him over to the liberals saying, 'Yes, you are right, Newman was a liberal.'

To try to find something to pin on Newman, from all his many writings, you have to go to a private letter which he wrote to someone in very complicated circumstances. This recent piece on your website says this about Newman: "Then, he (Newman) pretends to adopt the most traditional interpretation, but in fact ends by counseling the father the very opposite, that is, to let his son participate in those Protestant prayers."

But consider the actual words that Newman used: "There is only one concession I could make, which seems so nugatory and disrespectful, that I don't like to make it; but, as another may think differently, I will mention it. Hurrell might attend (my italics) provided he took a crucifix or Garden of the Soul (a Catholic manual of prayer and devotion) in his hands, and said his own prayers to himself during his devotions. This is practised in the case of servants."

Newman is saying that he cannot agree that the young man should attend family prayers but there is an argument that some might use. He says that this argument seems "nugatory". You do understand that this means "worthless"? And he is saying that he "MIGHT". The use of the subjunctive mood gives a degree of tentativeness. But Newman would concede that some would allow attendance if the young man carried a crucifix or Garden of the Soul. Your introduction does not mention this. The reference to "the case of servants" refers to the fact that many poor Catholics (especially Irish ones) had to take jobs as servants in England (the largest occupational group in England in the eighteenth century) and were forced as a condition of their service to attend family prayers daily.

This is a man being most careful to deal with the most difficult situation that Catholics in England found themselves in as regards to the two Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, almost the only ones, in the Nineteenth Centuries. Newman is being most cautious. There have never been any Catholic universities in England since the Reformation.

Let us be clear what Newman himself gave up to become a Catholic. Go to Oriel College, Oxford, and look at what Newman enjoyed as a Fellow of this College and as Vicar of the University Church nearby in the High Street. To give up all this for the uncertainties of being a Catholic was a kind of martyrdom.

When Newman was made a Cardinal by Pope Leo XIII he said: "All my life I have fought Liberalism."

In his great hymn, "Firmly I believe and Truly" Newman put this:

"And I hold in veneration,
For the love of him alone,
Holy Church as His creation,
And her teachings as His own."

God bless you and your work,

     Yours faithfully in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

     Eric Hester

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 11, 2010

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