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Third Secret: It Is Fake! It Is Authentic!

Where Is the Cornerstone?
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I go to Fatima every year and I would dearly love to know where in Fatima I can visit the cornerstone from Peter's tomb [according to the Third Secret]. Was this fact widely published or how do you know this actually happened?

I visit your site every day as it's the only place I can find the truth. God Bless you work in letting us know how we have been conned out of the true faith of Jesus Christ.

     K.B., Ireland
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St. Peter's Tomb
People Commenting
Hello TIA,

I was wondering if you can provide outside sources, like articles that can give credence to the 2004 transfer of the cornerstone of Peter's grave. I am pretty sure this would have hit the news.

Thank you,


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The Editor responds:

Dear K.B. and S.G.,

Below, I am translating from Portuguese the first paragraphs of an article posted on the official site of the Fatima Sanctuary on this topic. I believe that the information that both of you are looking for is here:

The cornerstone offered by John Paul II will be placed in front of the altar of the new Church of Holy Trinity

The Pope giving the Cornerstone of St. Peter's tomb to Msgr.  Luciano

On March 9, 2004, Msgr. Luciano Guerra receives a fragment of St. Peter's tomb to be the cornerstone of the new Fatima Church
Considering that the cornerstone offered by the Holy Father John Paul II will better fulfill its mission if it remains in view of all the visitors, the Fatima Sanctuary has decided to place it, when the building is completed, in a place that shows more gratitude to the Holy Father.

The chosen spot is in front of the altar of the new Sanctuary's Church. It will be placed there during the dedication of the Church on October 12 [2007].

One recalls that in March of 2004, on a visit to Rome one month after work on the Church of the Holy Trinity began, the Rector of the Fatima Sanctuary received a fragment of the tomb of the Apostle St. Peter from the hands of John Paul II so that it might become the cornerstone for that Church.


     A.S. Guimarães
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Fake Secret
People Commenting

[Regarding the possible Third Secret]

This posting is an insult to the intelligence of the Faithful. Our Lady would never have mentioned a future Pope by title (John Paul II).

Someone needs to do some deeper thinking if you want to fool anyone.


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The Editor responds:


Let us think deeper together.

In the part of the message of Our Lady of Fatima known as the Second Secret, which was revealed to the children in 1917, she mentioned Pope Pius XI. She said: "The war will end, but if they do not stop offending God, during the reign of Pius XI another still worse will start" (original in Portuguese here, in English here). Notwithstanding, Pius XI was not a Pope at that time; he would be elected and take this name only in February 6, 1922.

So, there is no basis to declare that Our Lady of Fatima would never mention the name of a future Pope in the message she gave to Lucy. She did exactly this in a part of the message that is universally accepted.

Now, it falls to you to answer whether or not the intelligence of the faithful is also offended by this ahead of time mention of Pius XI.

As for the document TIA posted, we see that it resists quite well many different criticisms, which speaks in favor of its authenticity.


     A.S. Guimarães
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The Real Third Secret of Fatima
People Commenting
Dear Tradition in Action,

I just want to thank you for posting the letter which contained the True Third Secret from your reader in Portugal. I understand that this could be a fake, but I believe it to be true. I'm just 16, but I can put the pieces together.

The original copy that Sister Lucia wrote was said to be written on only one sheet of paper, like this one. Not on four pieces of paper, like the false secret the Vatican spewed out.

Also, it is plausible to believe that since the Secret was said to have been stolen out of the Vatican when Paul VI was occupying it, it could have very well found its way into the hands of one of your readers.

Also this phrase: "In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved" was said to be a main focal point of the True Secret, yet in the Vatican's phony secret, this isn't mentioned or even alluded to. The cheap symbolic story released by the Vatican 10 years ago didn't talk at all about anything to do with the message of Fatima, but was, in my opinion, conjured up to make John Paul II look like a hero because of his being shot and some sort of "Chosen One," if you will.

So fundamentally the Vatican is saying that the Message of Fatima was brought by Our Lady to forewarn of general chaos and of the assassination attempt of John Paul II and has been fulfilled.

Notice how in the True Text of the Third Secret, Our Lady refers mysteriously to the "Kingdom of John Paul II" and not the Pontificate or Reign. I believe this is because he definitely was not "Mary's Pope' a title which, blasphemously, his devotees have given him, but an enemy of the Church that Our Lady forewarned about at Fatima.

No, it is clear that the Message of Fatima has yet to have been fulfilled, and we are waiting anxiously for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which I believe will happen in my lifetime. Thank you so much again, and it'd be great to hear back.

Yours in Holy Mother Church,

     Immaculate Heart of Mary, Ora pro nobis!

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While Changing Convents...
People Commenting

No one has addressed the idea that Sr. Lucy entered into the Dorothean Convent and then switched to the Carmelites. This coincides with the Two Sr. Lucy's. The switch occurred when she transferred to another convent.

There is a story there, I believe. It was not normal practice to convent-hop. If necessary, under obedience she would leave one order for another... something to think about.

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Vatican & 2 Lucys
People Commenting

I have a few quick questions.

First, I would like to commend Dr. Horvat on the her perceptive realization of the 2 Sister Lucys in old photos and newer ones.

My question is: Have you approached a Bishop or the Vatican with this information? And if so, who? And what was their response? And, finally - if applicable - what is the current state of the Vatican's own investigation into this matter?


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TIA responds:

Hello A.R.,

Thank you for your kind words. We are transmitting them to Dr. Horvat.

No, we did not approach the Vatican saying that we believe there are two Sister Lucys. It seems that if that falsification actually took place, the Vatican would be the author of it. Most likely its officials would not be very pleased to realize that someone discovered it and is spreading word about it.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 15, 2010

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