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Distributism & Churches for Muslims

Distributism and Vatican II
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I have been discerning a vocation to the priesthood for many years now. Recently however, I have become greatly disturbed by what appears to be a distributist litmus test that numerous traditional orders seem to hold themselves to. I firmly reject Distributism is a proper economic system, but it seems that many traditionalists treat it as if it were part of the magisterium.

I also love my country (The USA) and it's founding principles, but I also reject radical Liberalism and total Enlightenment thinking. In my mind, I can reconcile the founding of America and my Catholicism but it seems to be a topic that is anathema to most traditionalists.

I'm extremely confused and almost feeling angry. I feel hurt that so many individuals seem to loathe the United States and loathe anyone who adheres to traditional capitalist economics while condemning me as some kind of heretic. Sure, I'm a sinner but I'm ready and willing to give my life to Christ as a priest, but it seems like everyone wants to tear me down over economics.

So I guess my question to you is, how do I answer the traditionalists who seem more interested in shoving Distributism than resisting Vatican II? I've never felt in such a spiritual low place as I do right now...

I just can't see how an economic view that I hold has somehow turned me into a manifest heretic... Any help would be appreciated...


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TIA responds:

Dear D.R.,

The great enemy of Catholics in our days is Progressivism installed inside the Holy Church. Until we manage to cast it out, the Church cannot exercise her mission of healing the errors and wrongdoings of temporal society.

Now, Progressivism's landmark of victory in the Church was Vatican II. Therefore, our efforts should be directed toward resisting its doctrine, reversing its victory, expeling the enemy, and returning the Church to her normal life.

If someone tells you that to fight Capitalism and promote Distributism is more important than to fight Progressivism and the consequences of Vatican II, this person is covering for the enemy installed in our ranks. We should suspect him of complicity.

We hope this can re-assure you in your anti-distributist position.


     TIA correspondence desk

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People Commenting

I just wanted to comment that I am a member of the Ruthenian Catholic Church, a convert from the Orthodox Church, and in our Ruthenian parish we do say the Creed with the Filioque. I appreciated very much that change when we converted. It is an affirming every Sunday in a way of what we left and rejected.

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Don't Be Paranoid
People Commenting

I'm a Catholic myself and also received the email against the Middle Ages. I didn't take offense to it, it was simply something stupid someone wrote because they thought they could explain customs and sayings. I'm pretty sure that it in no way was meant to slander the Church. It didn't make me feel that they were trying to say that Catholics are ignorant. I doubt the religion of the time had anything to do with it.

Honestly, to imply that people are out to get us because of emails like that makes us look as paranoid as the fundies who are terrified that Obama is a Muslim in secret and wants to outlaw Christianity.

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JPII Saving Naked Women
People Commenting

There are some things that are quite appalling to me on the website.

But it is important to remember that Jesus Christ came to save all sinners. Remember that all of you and myself are in this group.

There is no question that the Church faces incredible difficulty at this time, but I find it far fetched that you have deemed yourself worthy of judging the appropriateness of certain actions of Pope John Paul II.

By being accepting of different lifestyles, and especially traditional cultures, he was trying to share the most important message of Christ's church; the fact that it is universal. Did Christ not come to save all? From the acrobats [here, here and here] to Bob Dylan to the natives of Africa, [here, here and here] etc...


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Catholics Favoring Muslims
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

The recent item on your website concerning a Catholic Church lent to Muslims represents a blasphemous insult to the Eucharistic Presence, since Our Lord had to hide behind a curtain while worshippers of a non-Christian religion prayed to a God that denies he has a Son.

Here are some additional shocking incidents, taken from a book I am currently reading.

In a small parish near Cherbourg [France], the Catholic population showed concern for the welfare of the Muslim workers who had arrived to work on a building site. For this charitable action they can only be praised. In the next stage, however, the Muslims asked for a place to celebrate the fast of Ramadan, and the Christians offered them the basement of their church. Then a Koranic school opened.

After a couple of years the Christians invited the Muslims to celebrate Christmas with them, 'around a common prayer made up of extracts from the Koran and verses from the Gospels.' Misplaced charity had led these Christians to come to terms with error.

In Lille the Dominicans have offered the Muslims a chapel to be turned into a mosque. In Versailles collections have been taken up in the churches for the 'purchase of a place of worship for the Muslims.' Two other chapels have been handed over, at Roubaix and at Marseilles, together with a church at Argenteuil.

Catholics have become the worst enemy of the Church of Christ - which is what Islam is - and are offering their money to Mohammed.

But all this false ecumenism nothing new - these incidents took place 25 years ago! Taken from this book: Open Letter to Confused Catholics, by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, 1986, pp. 71-72.


     Frank Rega

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 22, 2010

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