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Halloween, Rosary & Angina

No Good Halloween
People Commenting

I just read Dr. Horvat's article on returning the pagan holiday of Samhain back to Christianized All Hallows Eve or Halloween. I have been searching for hours for the truth behind the Halloween celebrations and all the article were watered down, seemingly innocent renditions of how to celebrate Samhain. Thank you for such a thorough and truthful explanation.

I do, however, respectfully disagree with your desire to take the holiday back for Christianity by continuing to celebrate it without the demonic aspects. Since the original celebration was the demonic worship of Samhain and the Catholic Church attempted to Christianize it by making it something it was not - a day, November 1, to honor the departed saints and the family members who had gone to heaven - how can one take it back?

A thorough study of the Bible reveals that God warns his followers to have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, and to not try to contact the spirits of the departed. If one wants to honor someone who has died, there is nothing evil about that, but to do it on a day that was reserved for demonic activity is to invite the demon world into your world. The reason Halloween is being taken over by such demonic activity is that it has always belonged to them.

The best way to have power over those who would worship Satan and invoke his power is to denounce completely any celebration of a day meant to honor Satan. Much more can be accomplish to put down demonic activity and reverse their power over people by prayer.

If the people of God would get on their knees and hold prayer vigils through the night on October 31 rather than celebrate by trying to make something rooted in evil into something good, much more would be accomplished to stop the resurgence of paganism and the very dangerous interest in witchcraft. Continuing to dress up as angels and princesses and go trick-or-treating is still celebrating the Samhain rituals.

Can you imagine the effect on the night of October 31 if ALL Christian churches held a prayer service instead of a Halloween party/Fall Festival by joining in the Samhain custom of dressing up and carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating? It would send the Satan worshippers running scared and it would definitely render them powerless.

I hope you will consider joining me in prayer this weekend and encourage everyone you know who wants to honor God to do the same.

Again, thank you so much for the information. You are on the right track.

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Driving & Praying
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

As a protestant convert, I’d like to make a comment to the praying in the car discussion on your site. I think Pope Paul, the Protestant, only said that stuff about babbling words to please his protestant buddies. I grew up with that kind of ignorant criticism of The Holy Rosary and Our Blessed Mother. Protestants are always going on about Catholics babbling meaningless words to idols like the pagans. I lived among them; it’s one of their stock party lines.

When I converted and learned about the Rosary, a traditionalist priest once said, "Even if you just recite the rosary without giving it much thought, it is valuable. It’s like a little child running up and wrapping himself in his mother’s skirts."

     God bless you,

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Heart Angina
People Commenting

There I was at my parish Catholic Church last Sunday [October 31, 2010]. I always hope to get through the Mass without the event of manifest apostasy or heretical hymns. That Sunday was not the usual. At the prayers of the faithful, where various intentions are offered for the Mass, the laywoman at the microphone included the intention, on behalf of the congregation, that all people of every Christian denomination be strengthened in their faith or words quite precisely to that effect.

I arose and walked out on the basis of conscience. Later on, the same day, I read a report on a Catholic news site about San Antonio's Catholic Church in Texas which only recently was directed by their archbishop to cease their segregated Gay liturgies sponsored by the forbidden group "Dignity"... after 15 long years.

Later that night I was nearly hospitalized for a severe attack of heart angina.

I'm sure it was just a coincidence.

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Malachi’s Interview
People Commenting

I knew Fr. Martin personally, having met him at a book signing in New Jersey for his last 'fiction' novel, Windswept House. A small group was in attendance. I was asked to come along with my daughter by a young man whose elderly Aunt was a close friend to Fr. Martin. There I also met another elderly Irishman who was Fr. Martin's driver and friend.

We stayed in touch and Fr. Martin called me and wrote to me on occasion. He urged me to allow his driver to set up a meeting with me halfway between our residences as he was interested in knowledge I had on the Legion of Christ and another prominent more politically minded cult approved by the Vatican. I asked him if he would include the information in the factual book he was currently writing. He told me the book had been completed and was sent to his publisher the previous December. He said it was a "survival manual of sorts for traditional Catholics who would have to endure living in the new millennium." After his death, I was shocked to read that Fr. Charles Fiore claimed he was in the process of editing Martin's last book called Primacy, which was, according to Fr. Charles Fiore, "never completed."

Fr. Martin repeatedly acknowledged that the Three Days of Darkness was an element of the Third Secret both in interviews and in private. In addition, when he first called me, he asked me if I thought the Great Apostasy had already occurred. When I replied in the affirmative, he then asked me who apostatized. My reply was, "the Bishops" and he responded by saying, "Bingo!" Fr. then went on to relay a shocking meeting he attended with Bishops who dined on Consecrated Bread and Wine as if they were mere hors d'oeuvres.

My own opinion of Fr. Martin was that he truly felt great sorrow for young Catholic families in this age and time, perhaps even some guilt having had bought into the liberal agenda while working for Cardinal Bea during Vatican II. He also knew he would not live much longer and voiced that to me on several occasions. ... I also believe Fr. Martin completed his new novel as he told me and that it was kept from seeing the light of day.

     Thank you.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 4, 2010

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