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Demonic Gestures & Escaramuzas

Benedict's Gestures
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I have just come across a photo in your webpage division What People Are Commenting showing Pope Benedict XI making the devil's sign (two horns) with his fingers; the photo was sent to you by one of your readers. The reader wanted to know whether the Pope deliberately made this sign and to seek your opinion about whether perhaps the Pope was not aware of what he was doing. Your response to this was not clear at all and has confused me. Has this Pope deliberately done this? If so, do you have any evidence in support of this?

I remember not very long ago you showed a couple of pictures of the Pope's eyes in a devilish gaze - they were no doubt most devilish and there is no doubt that you too, like most intelligent Traditional Catholics, hold the Pope suspect.

However, the diabolical gestures of this Pope are certainly very disturbing and I expected that you would have been more forthcoming in your interpretation based on supporting facts. I would also like to bring to your attention that I have seen photos of President Bush and his family making similar signs, probably on your website or on some other ones. Obviously too few people are enlightened about the true significance of these signs and they need to be informed about this significance.

As a recent convert to Traditional Roman Catholicism (4 years ago), I am terribly concerned about the Pope's gestures in terms of eye and finger gesticulations. I am really very worried and pray that this man is not the predecessor to the Anti Christ (meaning outright diabolical), although he is most certainly a verified modernist pursuing the Judeo-Masonic-Illuminati agenda by way of the continued destruction of the Catholic Church from within. Strangely though, this Pope has supported and officially allowed the Traditional Tridentine Mass to be celebrated by such Traditional Catholic congregations as the SSPX (not to say that this Mass was ever rescinded canonically by any Pope or Council).

Unfortunately, for us TIA readers you have not been forthright and assertive to point out that these diabolical gesticulations/signs are very disturbing signs on the part of Pope Benedict XVI, and back it up with convincing evidence, just the way you did in the case of Pope Paul’s homosexuality, although you have certainly implied it.

You need to be assertive and factual in your statements when warning us TIA readers of the ramifications of this man, Cardinal Ratzinger, failing which you will then have left an open field of speculation, just the way those shameless Vatican-II modernist prelates did way back in the mid-sixties and continue to do so today. The difference would be that they were deliberately conspiratorial and you would be innocently unintentional. Nevertheless, you would be causing untold damage.

Ratzinger makes satanic symbols with his fingers
I have never trusted this man Ratzinger especially after he liberally defined the Immaculate Heart as anyone who has achieved interior unity with God, as explained by Fr. Paul Kramer in his blockbuster book The Devil’s Final Battle. Obviously, every Catholic with a modicum of intelligence will know that the Immaculate Virgin refers to the sinless birth of the Most Holy Mother of God at the moment of Her conception. This man even went to the extent of explaining the Third Secret of the Message of Fatima as being related to the past (1981) in connection with the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II. Who does he think we are – idiots? The Second Message of Fatima speaks about a Pope of the future who is assassinated on a mountain as he sorrowfully approaches a wooden Cross along with other holy people who are also killed by arrows.

For a man of his position, intellect and theological sophistication, there are two possibilities: Either Ratzinger was an idiot as a Cardinal or he considers us the faithful to be idiots and can therefore parrot the Party Line with the utmost assurance that we the sheep will accept as the Gospel Truth.

TIA, you are the respected Guardians of the Faith. Be more specific and theological in your factual reporting and do not leave the grounds open to human speculation. Are there grounds for us to believe that this man Pope Ratzinger is indeed diabolical in making these two signs or not? Can you give us further instances??? I eagerly wait to hear from you.


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TIA responds:

Dear R.F.,

Thank you for the consideration you have for our work.

We thought the person who commented on those pictures was placing a rhetorical question that did not need an answer. It seemed implied that he was not making that symbol on purpose.

Anyway, we believe Benedict XVI did it by chance and the camera caught a close-up of an involuntary gesture. His habitual way of waving his hands, simultaneously moving his fingers - not very masculine, we might say - at times inadvertently places the fingers in that position. We are posting (above right) some photos that show him moving his hands in this way. It seems to us unlikely that he made that gesture on purpose.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Preparing Mother to Die
People Commenting
Dear Sir,

Can I please beg your help and advice?

My dear Mother, now 87 years old, wants to have the NEW MASS for her funeral service, even though she goes to the traditional Mass and she has been anointed by a wonderful traditional priest.

She has no arguments to defend her case, and has said that she will leave the decisions to her family after her death.

Please, if you can give me some advise that would be very much appreciated. My family is split down the middle, mostly confused.

Thank you for a fantastic website. I absolutely love it.

     God reward and bless you all,


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TIA responds:

Dear M.M.W.,

Thank you for your kind words regarding our work.

The way you describe the situation gives us the impression that the main reason for your mother to choose the New Mass to be said after her death is to minimize the division that already exists in your family on this topic. So she goes with you to the Traditional Mass to please you, and says that she wants the New Mass at her funeral to please the other members of your family. If this is so, she actually is not giving the Mass the high importance it has.

If you want to succeed in your good aim of changing her decision, it is our opinion that you should slowly help you mother better understand the Mass and its significance. We say slowly because older persons do not change their minds quickly.

When she goes to the Traditional Mass, you can emphasize the admirable points of the Mass - its sacrality, solemnity, how it pays due respect to the presence of Our Lord, how it helps people to be recollected, etc. After some months of these observations, you can start to point out the contrasts with the New Mass, where these notes disappeared. If you do this and she corresponds, she will naturally come to the conclusion that she should have a Traditional Mass for her funeral.

It seems to us that the wrong tactic to take is to make the arguments personal by insinuating that she should take your side against the other members of your family. Statements like “You see how my sister was wrong” should be set aside to allow her to choose the Traditional Mass per se, and not “the Mass of my daughter M.” We believe the key to success in this case is to keep everything impersonal and on a higher plane.

We hope this will help you in some way.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Imitation of Christ
People Commenting
Greetings TIA,

Can you recommend where I can go to order a copy of the above classic [The Imitation of Christ], which I have never read!! I want to be sure it is TRC rendition - and now that Tan Books is no longer reliable, where does one go to get that spiritual reading?

I checked Amazon, of course, but as I say want totally "TRC"

Thank you for your response and your site!



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TIA responds:

As far as we know, the New TAN is not changing the texts of the books it is reprinting. If you wish, you can look for an older edition of it at E-bay or from a bookseller. You can also print the 1940 edition from Bruce Publishing Company online - it is here.

Thank you for your compliments and trust.


     TIA correspondence desk

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People Commenting
Lady Marian,

Salve Maria!

My supreme compliments for the Escaramuza article! The video was marvelous.

Like lightening my mind turned back the pages of time to the early mid 1970s. This was the juncture where females became regular officers in the law enforcement community. It was an ugly thing that happened, the female officers trying to be like men. It took no deep thinking where this would lead. For a married man to be partners in the patrol car for 40 hours each week with a female, the temptations would be fierce. The divorce rate among officers went out the roof.

Thanks to Our Lady, I got out and landed a lucrative job in the private sector investigating internal crime and organized labor unrest.

Your remark about the tight jeans of the cowgirls was especially poignant. Today this is ubiquitous, including gals at the traditional Mass I attend.

Once again, a great article! My best to all.

     In Domina,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 9, 2010

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